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40th D&D Anniversary Collectible Cards coming to an endThis headline is making a pretty bold statement. I don’t know it for a fact, no one at Turbine told me this. But it is pretty obvious.

Before I get too bogged down in details and opinions, there is a legitimate news item here: use up all your Collectible Cards now. They will stop working on the day Update 24 comes out, whenever that is, maybe as early as Thanksgiving week.

Crunch the cards NOW! Or never.

Now lets talk about why the card event is ending:

Run a PUG group through most any content that is regularly farmed for XP and you will encounter the reason the collectible card event is ending. Bottled Tornadoes. Killing everything, with ease, as fast as the Tornado cool down allows. Even the end boss. Easily consumed in a couple of Bottled Tornadoes. Before you can close to melee range. Poof. Gone.

It was not supposed to be like this.

The 40th Anniversary cards were supposed to be a fun way to get minor boosts for your characters. Trade cards between players, accumulate the ones you want, get a double handful of +3 Tomes. Or whichever of the roughly 50 possible rewards that you want. Nothing that was too overpowering, at least as long as they were only available in limited quantities.

Judging by the effort that went into the card delivery system, I imagine that Turbine was expecting to be able to issue new cards in the future. Tough to say that for sure, Turbine has a history of introducing complex systems into DDO and then abandoning them. And we have a new development team.

But regardless, it won’t happen now. For two reasons:

  • Some dev at Turbine decided to include Bottled Tornados
  • Some duping player figured out how to use the card cruncher without consuming any cards

Combine those two actions and you have a permanent easy button. No boss will ever be a real challenge again.

I put a lot of effort into accumulating cards during the event. I even created a couple of mule accounts just for the cards, logging in every day to roll the card die, mailing the results to my hagglebot Coin. I do not pretend that I was the best at this, I am certain that many people had more cards than I, and were using purely legit means to accumulate them.

40th D&D Anniversary trading cards
Trade them in NOW. In a week or two they become useless

But I consider my efforts to be a reasonable example of the number of cards one could get through simple accumulation, without arbitrage (which is of course legit), and especially, without duping (which is not). By the end of the event I had about 40 of each of the common cards.

That would still be enough for more than 200 Bottled Tornadoes, if I chose to focus on them. That is a lot of tornadoes. Enough to easy-button raids for months to come. But not forever, even with a pile of them that large, eventually one would reach the bottom.

But what if one never ran out? What if one always had a dozen Tornadoes on every character, forever?

I guess if anything I am surprised that it took this long for Turbine to take action. This is not the action I would have wanted though. There appear to be multiple choices:

  1. Fix the card bag so that cards cannot be duped and fix the cruncher so that cards are always consumed on use
  2. Use data analysis to find those who are using the card improperly and ban them
  3. Change Bottled Tornadoes into something less overpowering
  4. Turn off the trading cards altogether

Sadly, Option 4 is the winner.

I don’t expect that anyone from Turbine will comment on this, it is their policy to avoid talking about exploits in any way, but I’ve sent a message just in case. I’ll update this if I get a response.

In the meanwhile, get crunching. You’ve been warned.

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  1. I’ve been putting off crunching cards since I got them … thanks for the heads-up!

    I think I only got 1 rare card, might have to see if anyone is nice enough to loan me the others to add to my gallery =)

  2. I crunched mine at weekend, unfortunately for me I didn’t have any 5s so no xp pots πŸ™

    Dupers still win tho, now they just have a deadline, while not unlimited they can still make as much as they want to last a very long time

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Turbine needs to repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. Archeage’s bans may seem extreme, but in order to combat exploiters they banned 17,000 accounts in October alone. League of Legend even goes so far as to publicly shame exploiters and toxic players by revealing their names after banning them.

    Instead, DDO has an atmosphere where no one is ever sure if cheaters are punished. Furthermore, anyone who isn’t a casual player will at least hear exactly how the exploit works, if not partake in it themselves.

    I’ve played for almost five years now. I was here for the Red Fens exploit, the green bag exploit, countless duping exploits, and of course, when Gianthold gear dropped in the end reward for Tharask Arena. I can’t think of anyone I know personally that was banned even temporarily, even though many flaunted their cheating.

    It’s a long rant, but it’s just a shame that Turbine is taking their toys and going home instead of standing up to the bullies.

  4. My hope is that turbine will go seek out folks who have large stacks of various anniversary items and summarily delete them. I have folks offering me cards and xp pots and slayer pots etc and I always turn them down. I hate what the anniversary cards have done to this game.

  5. I was hoping they would come up with a different solution as well. I figured they would try to do something, but it does make me worry about future events. I didn’t go all out to gather cards but I did do my rolls daily and got a few and I was using them as needed to get potions and that type of thing to save on inventory. Oh well, guess I know what I will be doing this weekend….

  6. Need to go easy on the “ban anyone with stacks of cards in their inventory” – – I won a huge cache of cards in a giveaway done by DDOCast and only crunched those I’ve needed as time has passed. (Guess I’ll be crunching away this weekend…) If Turbine goes poking around the closets and cubbies of DDO players and bans solely on having lots o’ cards, I’ll be a bit peeved…

    • How many is “huge cache” from DDOCast?

      • I donated my daily cards from all servers (actually created toons on each DDO server, first time I’d done that on a server other than Orien) and sent them to DDOCast as per the contest rules. Took 1st place on the Orien server, which meant I received over a hundred of most of each card, with the more valuable cards slightly fewer in count and the more common cards being higher in count. Traded sets of some of those for cards I felt were more valuable and horse traded some items I had for cards as well. Even did some Cannith crafting for a few cards πŸ™‚ Wound up with around 150-170 of most of the cards over time – – not card XI, obviously, but still enough to keep me in xp pots, sp pots and Siberys cakes for a while. Didn’t know the tornadoes were worth crunching for, thought they looked a bit silly. May have to take a closer look at some of the other items that I poo-poo’ed the first time around. With Update 24 looming, I guess I’ll be crunching cards instead of questing for a bit…

  7. I had fun when they were created–loved the reminder of the old pnp graphics! I didn’t create mules or anything–I don’t find it fun to do that sort of thing in the name of some shiny.
    I appreciate your post–I had no idea about the tornados thing!

    • I generally have no idea about any duping going on, tornadoes or otherwise… I live in my own idealised DDO-world, I guess.

      I agree, it was a fun addition to the game, having these classic images as a collectable; I would have liked to see it continued with further artwork perhaps each event, oh, well.

      I enjoy all the different events, collectibles, crafting systems, etc they’ve added, even if my ski jumping skills were crap, my Lagbar dragon slaying skills were very adequate (and I don’t think, since they implemented epic crafting, I’ve made a single epic item (shard, scroll, seal) =)

  8. I am not seeing Tornadoes all over the place but I have seen a few here and there.

    To me, the cards should have been temporary from the beginning. Add them to your image gallery, crunch them and be done. Make it a limited time event. Or at least make it like cookies, they lose their ability year to year and, as you mentioned, change the ability on the fly.

    Yes, for the good apples, it sucks. But it would have hurt the bad apples more as the good apples did not stock up, so to speak.

  9. I liked the artwork and concept, but I was very surprised when April was over and the cruncher didn’t disappear. Maybe they could bring it cards back for a short time each year with a random NPC turn in instead, kind of like the Festivult Jester.

  10. Card event was an awesome idea. I don’t blame Turbine when cheaters cheat. Many of their ideas are fine, some dont work so they scrap them. Cheaters should get all the shame. They do ban accounts they just dont advertise that they do. What they need to do is not forgive. Once banned, they should have their inventories wiped. All inventories with stacked cards past a certain amount should be wiped. Articles like this unfortunately will be used by the cheaters to rub Turbine’s face into the mud even more. Truth is Turbine still develops one of the greatest MMOs on the market.

    • Nah, don’t ban ’em – just wipe their inventories. Everything – raid loot, bound crap, everything last thing. Here ya go – let’s hear how easy the game is now. Start over – glad your here. Punish them by erasing the “time” they spent and make them realize the real cost to themselves and to everyone else.

  11. Its a cracking game, it has kept me playing since 2009 and I play more now than then. Am hacked off , though understand Turbines stance, that some folk have sussed how to cheat and are spoiling things for the rest. They are the lowest form of life in the game, and should have their accounts wiped, and their names published.

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