Nov 012009

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  1. Just unlocked Drow not quit sure what to do about it yet.

  2. They have the capability to begin life with a 20 in DEX, INT or CHA. This makes them premier candidates to be rogue, wizard, sorceror, bard, favored soul, or multiclass combinations of the above.

    They have extra low CON and nothing special for WIS or STR; you can make them into melees or clerics but it is not their strongest point.

    They are probably (? IMHO ?) the best choice in the game for Assassins.

  3. That would seem about right for an evil type elf. I do need to test drive a sorceror so probably try that, then a second bard, warchanter model later.

  4. Oh BTW they are essentially already a 32 point build. If you plan to grind favor to 1750, Drow is a good choice; you won’t need to reroll him/her later when 32 points builds are available.

  5. A good idea I have heard of is a drow mechanic rogue that ignores SA and jsut machine guns everything driving the melee dps nuts.

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