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A few years ago in response to a shortage of quests in the level 13ish range DDO decided to introduce the Droamm quest chain, THE MONSTER NATION IS ATTACKING STORMREACH!!!

The series starts in Lordsmarch Plaza with a quick run out to the beach to see what there is to see….and oh my there is an army on the coast an INVASION ARMY.

It is a grand army and I have always felt it was a pity you never really got to engage it.  Overall I really like this story arc, but it just feels unfinished.  Even the end quest has you fighting the Daughter of Sora Kell and than not even really beating her, but driving her back of her own choice.

I have always felt that there should be a third part to this chain were you take the fight back to the nation of Droaam and finish what you started with the Minotaurs.

I can see it now a beach landing with a House Deneith Army and a 12 Person Raid group, a D-Day in DDO of sorts storming a beach head and total chaos!!!

Then driving forward into the Droaam nation ending in a stand off or truce with a no mans land in between which could be the setting for even more quests.

If you are new and have not run these quests I highly suggest doing so.  The first 3 are Free to Play and have some pretty nice loot that can be upgraded if you decided to spend Turbine Points on Part 2, however I would keep my points even with 4 quests part 2 is low on XP, but does have some nice gear.

Remember finish what you started keep killing Minotaurs, yes you all of you lawful good characters!!

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  1. One of my favorite story arcs. Every time I meet that guy overlooking the beach, I think “that’s all they got? We could jump down there and take ’em.”

    • I was doing some favour runs the other day & was thinking much the same thing.. “hey, i hunt dragons for fun, i could take that bunch!”

  2. That beach overlook is one of the best things in DDO.

    But I never understood why the monsters need so many humongous protractors?

  3. I looked into the contracts as signed by all member-sides of the Monster Nation and the issue can be found in the small print. The mobs have the right of first refusal on all attempts to engage “heroic-heroes” that insist that they scale. This may be why the daughter seemed to pull back in what seems, on the surface, to be her own choice; in actuality, the main invasion force is refusing to continue the fight and are already back in the boats.
    Until the lawyers for both sides of the dispute find a way past this key stumbling block, we are unlikely to see anything further developments on this front. 😉

  4. Why stop at Droaam? Explore all of Khorvaire!

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