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Dressed to Kill: Equipping a newly-Epic Rogue
Being in a guild full of halflings, there is never a shortage of rogues. Mechanic rogues, assassin rogues, stick-fighting rogues, all kinds of rogues. Lots of rogues.

Not that this is a bad thing. It is not.

It so happens that a couple of occasional Halfling Commandos who have a more casual play style have hit level 20 at the same time. This is not coincidence, we’ve been helping them level, and in fact have been leveling them at a pretty fast clip. At least, a fast clip for casual players. This is awesome, even though they’ve been playing for years, their casual style, multiple servers, and multiple characters mean that level 20 is somewhere they are not used to being: all new content for them, all the time!

But there is a drawback. First-life characters who have been pulled to level by running high-XP quest series do not have the same chance to equip themselves as characters that level more organically. The character quickly outgrows his/her stuff. Then they reach level 20, the game difficulty stiffens up, and … well, let’s just acknowledge that “lightly equipped” does not combine well with “increased difficulty”.

And so my Gamer Girl, no mean player of rogues in her own right, found herself researching equipment for epic rogues that is both (1) likely to be useful and (2) not impossibly difficult to obtain.

This is her list.


Star of Day short sword ml20

Easy to get (turn in Cleric of Amaunator commendations) but partially randomizable. If you get the right randomized attributes this blade will go a long way towards compensating for the traditional rogue weakness versus undead

Envenomed Blade short sword ml16

The easiest item to get on this list due to high drop rate (last night five of us ran Lords of Dust and we all got one) this is an excellent blade versus fleshy opponents

Sacrificial Dagger dagger ml20

Another weapon that is most effective versus fleshies, this one also returns hit points to you on each hit. A nice TWF combo when paired with Envenomed Blade.

A roguey set:

Boots of the Woodsman boots ml20
Lenses of the Woodsman goggles ml20
Leathers of the Woodsman light armor ml20

Each of these items is worthwhile to a newly epic rogue on its own, providing lots of DEX, hiding and moving, true seeing and seeker. But when you have the set you also get +4/+6 to your sneak attacks. An impressive list of features that will hold you in good stead for several levels yet to come.

Festival items:

Treasure Hunter’s Spyglass ml20 (other versions available)

Spot, Seach, UMD, exceptional INT. The tier 3 version of this is Perfect! With a capital ‘P’!

Ring of the Buccaneer ring ml20 (other versions available)

DEX and protection.


Hide of the Goristro light armor ml22

Most useful for the meleeing rogue, probably, a random item that can be upgraded to replace the Leathers of the Woodsman in the Woodsman Guile set

Whisperchain light armor ml18 (other versions exist)

Hit points, a sneak attack bump, but best of all Blur and Ethereal, together in one item

Miscellaneous Questing Items:

Vim and Vigor necklace ml18 (other versions available)

Strength, hit points, and most importantly, permanent Greater Heroism

Skullduggery Kit belt ml16 (other versions exist)

Exceptional INT and DEX skill boost plus a random but always rogue-useful bonus

Shadowsight goggles ml16 (other versions exist)

WIS for saving throws, Ethereal for those pesky Wraith-type undead

Bracers of Twisting Shade bracers ml 18 (other versions exist)

Disable, Search, Exceptional Seeker, and a permanent Blur!

Skirmisher Ring ring ml19 (other versions exist)

It’s all about the CON. The yellow augment is nice too.

Spare Hand belt ml20 (other versions exist)

Disable, Open Lock, UMD, and lots of nice combat improvements

Backstabber Gloves gloves ml 14 (other versions exist)

Bluff, Sneak attack, and Deception. Deception is extra nice on a non-weapon slot

Dream Visor goggles ml14 (other versions exist)


Ring of Shadows ring ml14 (other versions exist)

Hide, move silently, and another way to get permanent Blur!

Nether Grasps gloves ml18 (other versions exist)

Open Lock, Seeker, and reduces melee agro!

Cloak of the Wolf cloak ml20

Dodge, Seeker, and reduces melee agro!

Draw Piwafwi cloak ml20

Hide, Move Silently, Sneak Attack, and a nifty guard that turns you invisible when you are hit. Even if I can’t say this item out loud without sounding like Kripke from the Big Bang Theory

Seal of House Avithoul ring ml21

Lots of Sneak Attack! A random roguey stat. Best of all, Improved Deception, on a non-weapon slot.

And there you have it. Clearly one cannot wear ALL of these items. And some of the items are most definitely harder to get than others.

But this isn’t a shopping list. It is intended to inform the newly epic rogue player who is looking for a quick increase in effectiveness. Maybe this will help someone target a few specific quests while seeking specific items. Maybe it will help someone else who has more resources and is willing to upgrade via the auction house.

What do you think? What other items did we miss?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

[Edit] thanks to Tholgrin and Saekee for the fact-checking!Β 

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  1. For the stick builds – the Stout Oak Walking stick is good, obtained from turning in Villager commendations in Eveningstar.

  2. The Hide is minimum level 22, not 18. Great light armor, though. πŸ˜€

    • Also, Ethereal on Shadowsight only gives ghost touch, it doesn’t have any blur/ghostly/incorporeal defensive properties. I still love it, though.

  3. Star of day with radiance effect plus a sacrificial dagger with STR poison is a very effective combo – blind em for sneak attacks, drain their STR through the dagger plus crippling strike, they drop to helpless in a hurry, letting them be torn apart even faster πŸ™‚

    Don’t forget the estar lottery – with only a little luck, you can get some really nice combinations on the cormyrian weapons too.

    Oh, and always keep one of those radiance weapons for the Xoriat quests, those eyeballs are nasty but blindness is an instakill effect on them πŸ˜€

  4. Nice overview! With the rogue changes coming soon on top of it, maybe I’ll give one of these sneakers a whirl.

  5. Seal of Avithoul is ML 21 and very rare (although with better drop rates now a guild can really help out).
    Epic Ring of stalker has two slots along with manslayer, insightful sneak attack, seeker and ghost touch.
    Golden guile is easy to get with improved deception and also even heroic backstabber gloves have at least deception.
    The short swords do not benefit from the assassin’s knife spec. The radiance effect on Stars of Day are nice though. Maybe grind out GS radiance weapons instead to use from levels 12-20+? I have resisted doing a pure rogue because I feel they really need certain gear and your post here is a great indicator.

    • I thought if you had weapon finesse the knife spec. Allowed you to include any finesseable weapon

      • Dagger in the back is the level 3 core ability which allows dex to damage for finessable things if you also have weapon finesse… knife specialisation is the tier 5 ability that makes daggers & kukris 18-20/x3, and that will still only apply to those 2 weapon types.

  6. These items are great for a melee rogue, Geoff but what if I am a ranged rogue – sincerely Hanork of the Halfling Commandos

    • Shimmering arrowhead & the tendon slice version of the ring of dun robar – their slowing effects stack & have no save, great for keeping things at a safe distance.

      Weapon-wise, the silver slinger is great for anti-undead & bypassing devils’ DR, and against most other things the doublecross bow (light repeater) is a great one..otherwise you’re most likely looking at needing to find a good lootgen one – another place where cormyrian weapons can be handy.

    • Fuzzy listed the xbows you’d want. But if you’re more into bows, I’d suggest the Bow of Sinew.

  7. Might want to note that an INT item (such as the Sage’s Spectacles would be a good idea too… even if only as a swap item for trapping?

  8. Something about the Piwafwi has always confused me. Whenever the invisibility guard triggers, and it triggers fairly often, everything around me instantly gets a big red eye, meaning they can see me. And I mean *everything*. Is it ever actually useful?

    • Yes, but you are still invisible: the monsters know you are here and can try to attack you, but you’ll have a 50% miss chance due to invisibility.

  9. epic stalker ring from house C challenges is nice

    drow smoke goggles
    pdk gloves

    i also made my rogue a pair of tier 1 mournlode light maces from house C challenges, great fro skeletons and liches

  10. ring of the stalker ml:20
    ring of deceit
    ring of lies

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