Jul 182010

No crafting grind has caused more uproar than the Reavers Refuge/Stealer of Souls grind to earn Dragontouched Armor.

Oh sure, it sounds great in theory, +6 armor (in various types) with three available slots that you can fill with your choice from a large list of abilities.

Each slot (Eldritch, Tempest and Sovereign) accepts a rune but there is NO WAY to tell any one Eldritch Rune from any other. The horror sets in as you calculate that there are (23 eldritch x 25 tempest x 33 sovereign =) 18975 possibilities available even though you only want one of them.

Sparksy does not love her DT robe
Sparksy spent a year working on hers
before she gave up and accepted it
will never be perfect

There are techniques you can use to lessen the pain, but the reality is that it may take hundreds of quests to get your armor exactly the way you want.

It is not a popular grind. Much angst has ensued since this module was previewed back in November 2008 (Module 8: Prisoners of Prophecy).

But there is hope!

According to this post, Turbine developer Eladrin indicates that we might have a way to avoid accidentally downgrading a slot to something worse in update 7. Does this mean we can tell runes apart? Or a simple confirmation dialog when applying a new rune? I’m hoping its the former.

But wait there’s more!

According to this post, Eladrin elaborates further, it appears we will be able to combine Eldritch runes into Tempest, and Tempest into Sovereign, as well as deconstructing backwards if we have extras of the more valuable runes.

And so it appears that once again, consistently stated popular opinion has a noticeable impact on game development. Kudos! This is one change that is definitely “Powered by its fans”.

[Correction] One can already combine three runes into a higher level rune. Thanks to Garth for pointing this out.

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  1. you can already upgrade eldritch to tempest and then up to sovereign, just put 3 runes in the crafting device. What looks hopeful is there will be now some way to convert sovereign back down to tempest or eldritch, although I have to admit that if rune identification in the chest is put into the game then it would be better if people just swapped them over in the chest rather than hoarded just to recycle as eldritch or tempest…

  2. I am trying to imagine a world where you you can combine/decompose runes, and are allowed to confirm a rune effect before it becomes permanently added to your armor.

    It is definitely a better world.

    Especially if building a higher level rune and then decomposing it causes the lower level runes to be re-randomized.

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