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My Gamer Girl has been playing this game a long time. Years. Like every long-time player, she has finished thousands of quests, looted countless chests, capped characters many times, and has seen dozens of waves of “best” gear and character builds come and go. She’s seen it all.


There remains one thing she has never seen personally.


Chelena Armstrong, Dragon Slayer
Velah the Dragon, defeated again by Chelena Armstrong, the World’s Strongest Halfling

She has never successfully slain Velah the angry Red Dragon. Not on Epic, not on Heroic, not on anything.

She’s been on VON6 runs, several, but every one has failed, every single one. And it is much harder to get a VON6 group going; the end game moved on long ago. It can take hours to fill a group, if it fills at all. And when you do, it is largely filled with other people who have never succeeded either.

A dozen people with no clue adds up to an entirely clueless group, and soon Velah has won again.

I was with my Gamer Girl the last time she tried. Months ago. I can’t remember what strategy the group leader had in mind, but I remember at the end we all rushed Velah as a pack and died beneath her fiery breath.

I ran this quest every three days for months. Then when it got the Epic treatment, I ran it again, every three days, for months again. But it’s been so long for me that I have forgotten too much, and I don’t feel confident leading a group myself. I confuse the Epic and Heroic versions. Does Inferno happen only on Epic or Heroic too? What do you do with the ever-spawning trash mobs? We used to Bard-song them, I think? Or is that on Epic? Even the Plane of Night Wiki page says that it’s information is too old to be dependable.

You see the problem.

But soon, soon we are going to try again. My Gamer Girl has a level 12 character that she refuses to level up until she’s beaten the Dragon. At level, when you are supposed to do it. I am re-working my failed “Evil Favored Soul” build to accompany her.

This time, we are going to win! Or at least, learn and remember, and make it more likely that we will win in the future.

Death to the Dragon!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Did you mean it’s hard to get a group on heroic difficulty?

    This is one of the few raids that always (well almost always, it’s still a popular raid because of eSOS) fill on Orien. You put one up, and you get ppl hitting the lfm. I always start as soon as I have 1-2 ppl in the party, the rest can join when ever. I just need a few ppl to help with levers north and maybe someone to open locked doors, or pull levers, depending on which toon I’m on. I even see lfm’s for ee once in a while, I’m too chicken to post for it myself, but stick with eN/ eH (eH if I want xp, eN if I’m on an xp capped toon) von5, eH VON6

  2. If you fancy running it on epic, we run it most weekends. Give Samius a shout and we can organise something 😀

  3. It’s been so long since I have tried a VON5-6 that I wouldn’t a clue on how to proceed anymore. I have never completed the dragon on any epic setting.

  4. I am not sure someone who can’t manage to organize a successful Von 5+6 run is really the type of player that should be blogging about the game.

    • Oh ho, a challenge!

      Is he up to it? Will he organize a successful VON 5+6 run just to show “Really” that he is worthy of being a DDO blogger?

      Or will he simply have another bourbon and think about happier times?

      Or can he do both? Hmmmm ….

  5. Count me in, I’m always up for VON!

    No silly farming VON5 for XP, completion of VON6 [Heroic] all the way, is where it is at!

    The main problem is, people just want to rush in without the raid leader laying down the plan…

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