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This is part two in a series of articles describing DDO’s dragons. I’ll compile them all into one great big DragonDex when they’re all published.

Dragons have always been everywhere. No, really, everywhere. For as long as there have been people, they’ve been talking about dragons.

The ancient Mesopotamians had dragons
The Greeks had dragons

The Norse had dragons
The Aztecs and Mayans had dragons
Neolithic Asians had dragons
Europeans had dragons

Everywhere people existed and learned how to record what was happening around them, they recorded dragons. Massive reptillian creatures, fierce or friendly (it could go either way), often fire-breathing. But mainly, always there, for everyone, no matter how isolated the culture, they all seem to have some form of dragon in their mythos and folklore.

How? How could ancients in so many disparate regions and times all independently invent the same thing?

My personal guess is that they didn’t invent it. I like to think that dragons were real when humanity was young, not even yet grown into humanity, and the oral record was handed down as legend while Homo Sapien migrated out of Africa and across the world. They wouldn’t have been fire-breathing Draco Horribilus but they were still somehow something recognizably draconic.

When did the last dinosaur die? Not in an asteroid impact 65,000,000 years ago as we used to think, now we know better, now we know at least some of them survived to evolve into birds. So when did that happen? When exactly did the last great saurians become first great avians? Wouldn’t there have been transitional creatures? Say, something like a giant feathered reptile?

Fossil records and everything we know about paleontology and the origin of humanity refute my personal theory, but I am stubborn and the alternate explanations (Cross-cultural communication? Racial memory handed down from early mammals? Aliens?) all strike me as even more unlikely.

The fact is, I want dragons to be real. I like to imagine they were real then, and I wish they were real still.

But I digress. We have more important dragons to discuss.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons spew a potent lightning bolt as a breath weapon. There are two blue dragons in DDO as of this writing, but only one that is available for combat: a youngling that is part of the Gianthold Tor trio.

Blue Dragonscale Armor

The most-sought of the Heroic Dragon Scale armors as some of it’s properties remain relevant even at end game. As of Update 16, Blue Dragonscale attire is Heroic only. It is expected that Epic Blue Dragonscale armor will be introduced in Update 17, but for now all blue scale armor, robes and docents have these attributes:

  • Spell Penetration VII
  • Greater Arcane Lore
  • Potency +52
  • Greater Lightning Resistance

Blue Dragon Scale attire is universally considered to be caster gear.

First edition AD&D Blue Dragon
Draco Electricus
First edition AD&D Monster Manual Blue Dragon


Quest: Public area in Reaver’s Refuge


Tenathear is not an opponent but rather is a quest-giver. He queries the character for any three of six specific stones, and when they are received (and his companion receives the three gems she is seeking), he polymorphs into his true form: a huge ancient Blue Dragon, opening the portal into the Eerie Forest adventure area.

It is difficult to get an accurate scale on Tenathear, there is a portal between the character and the dragon, one cannot get very close. But he may well be the largest dragon of any type in the game, rivaling even Velah.

At least so it seems.

Tip: If you don’t accept your end reward from him after completing the quest Stealer of Souls, you maintain the ability to re-enter the Eerie Forest.


Quest: Gianthold Tor


Yorgulhar is one of the three fledgling dragons that must be defeated to “blood” a character and qualify for the raid The Reavers Fate.

Taken by himself, Yorgulhar is not that formidable. Lots of hit points but easy to hit, and his(her?) breath weapon and claws (and bite!) are not too fierce to be withstood by characters of the recommended level.

But Yorgulhar is not by himself. He has a Cloud Giant partner and both must be killed at the same time or they raise each other. Worse, the encounter occurs in a hostile environment where chains of lightning zap everyone with a shock value that increases over time and eventually builds to the point where it is doing very significant damage.

Yorgulhar’s chest regularly includes Blue Dragon Scales.

Tip: The electric shock is worse for characters that are standing on gold.

What do you think?

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