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This is part three in a series of articles describing DDO’s dragons. I’ll compile them all into one great big DragonDex when they’re all published.

Famous Dragons of Legend

Fafnir was a dwarf who killed his father to take possession of his hoard. His greed changed him into a fearsome dragon. He was eventually slain by the hero Siegfried.

The Drac du Beaucaire lived for several hundred years near the French town of Beaucaire, luring villagers to join him under the waters of the Rhone river. He is believed to still live there, lurking, biding his time.

Jörmungandr, the Ourobouros, is a wyrm that grew so large that it encircled the world, finding only it’s own tail to eat.

The dragon of Beowulf – unnamed – was enraged when a portion of his hoard was stolen and began to ravage the countryside of Beowulf’s kindgom. The famous hero attacked him in his lair but the dragon mortally wounded him. Beowulf’s squire Wigluf ended up slaying the beast.

Tiamat was both a dragon and a goddess and is the mother of the gods of Babylon.

Trodgor has a beefy arm that would seem appropriate for melee attacks but prefers to burninate the villages and peasants.

Green Dragons

Green dragons have a poisonous breath weapon that is the most feared dragonbreath of all; there is no lasting resistance to it as there are for the other types of dragonbreath.

No green dragons have yet been observed in Eberron; all of the DDO green dragons have been encountered in Faerun.

Green Dragonscale Armor

Green dragonscale attire is a bit controversial due to the dramatic differences between male and female appearance when wearing it. This has also helped to make some of the green dragon armors very popular.

There is no Heroic green dragonscale attire, only (Epic) Cormyrian versions built using Flawless Green Dragon Scales. All of the different versions of the attire (armors, robe, docent) have these properties:

  • +6 Enhancement Bonus
  • Toughness
  • Superior Acid Resistance
  • Acid Absorption 20%
  • Resistance +6
  • Proof Against Poison +10
  • Power Store

While not purely for “tanking”, these armors are well-suited for Druids, Favored Souls, and other melee-oriented casters.

Old-school green dragon
Draco Chlorinous Nauseous Respitarus
First edition AD&D Monster Manual green dragon


Quest: Don’t Drink the Water


Tharmalos is the foul-tempered but fully-grown quest end boss. His hit points and offensive capabilities combine to make him a very challenging opponent, and on Epic Elite he can stand up to anyone.

Like all of the green dragons, Tharmalos likes his wing buffet and uses it liberally.

Tharmalos’ chest is reliably known to have a chance of containing a Flawless Green Dragon Scale.

Tip: When Tharmalos is at (about) 1/3 hit points the encounter terrain changes; suddenly the fight occurs on islands floating on a sea of deep acid.


Quest: Kings Forest Adventure Area (rare encounter The Knight-Aspirant)


As an adventure area rare encounter, Urklauth does not reliably appear. He appears in a clearing very deep into the south of Kings Forest, on a hill, barricaded by a fence. One never encounters the dragon by itself, but rather one encounters an apprentice Purple Dragon Knight named Jobun Fyfe and follows the Knight into the encounter.

Urklauth presents a straightforward dragon fight. No dialogs, no special environmental problems, just a great big green lizard full of sharp teeth, sharper claws, and bilious clouds of noxious poison breath. Oh and a whole lot of hit points.

On the plus side, Jobun Fyfe is on your side so you get essentially a free temporary hireling, one that seems fairly badass. I wonder what happens if you accidentally allow him to die? I am guessing nothing good.

Urklauth’s loot is also reputed to have a chance of containing a Flawless Green Dragon Scale, but according to my empirical research that chance is somewhere between Slim and None.

Tip: This applies to both of the Kings Forest green dragons – if you have a pocket healer, plant them well away from the fight until you have the dragon reliably attacking you, pointed away from the hireling. Then release the hireling, who will hopefully now stay on the dragon’s rear, away from it’s area of effect attacks.


Quest: Kings Forest Adventure Area (rare encounter Deal with Veraxiena)


As an adventure area rare encounter, Veraxiena does not reliably appear. She appears in a clearing just beyond one of Kings Forest’s abandoned villages. Pass under a tree trunk bridge to a small pond with an island in the center. If Veraxiena is present she will be on the island. According to my observations, she appears about one time in four.

It is not necessary to fight Veraxiena to solve the rare encounter. Dialog options allow the character with sufficient skill to resolve the encounter painlessly. Albeit loot-lessly, there are no chests for the peaceful solution.

Even though her difficulty level is permanently pegged at Epic Normal, Veraxiena remains a formidable opponent, especially to full parties. Something about her scaling may be off, but I found it easier to solo Veraxiena than to take her down as part of a group.

Veraxiena’s loot is on the far side of the pond, uphill. Two chests, which according to the DDOwiki may contain a Flawless Green Dragon Scale, but I have to take their word for it as I am personally O-fer-Five on this dragon.

Tip: Frequent wing buffets can be annoying – but if you have an effective ranged attack this will actually work to your advantage.

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  1. Good stuff here!

  2. Actually, for Veraxiena, my bard was able to successfully diplo her AND get the chests. Cost 25,000 pp (or was that 75,000 pp? – somewhere around there) but it is possible to peacefully resolve AND get the chests.

    BTW, +1 for the mention of Trogdor. Except you didn’t mention him by his full name: Trogdor, The Burninator. So -1 for that.

  3. The dragon that bites its own tongue has present in different cultures besides nordic. I find the ouroboros very fascinating.

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