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Considering that DDO had zero dragons when it first launched – yes, Dungeons & Dragons Online started out really being just Dungeons Online – the game developers have gone out of their way to populate Eberron and Faerun with a large variety of these opposable legendary lizards. Now there are dragons everywhere, in all their fiersome toothsome glory.

So many in fact that one needs a program to tell them apart. This is part one of that program. I’ll compile them all into one great big DragonDex when they’re all published.

Black Dragons

Black Dragons spew potent acid. There are four Black Dragons in DDO, appearing in three different quests.

Black Dragonscale Armors

Their scales can be used to create useful armor and clothing, although only Heroic versions exist as of this writing (update 17 is expected to introduce Epic black dragonscale armor).

Black Dragonscale armor and clothing has these properties:

  • Haste Guard
  • Armor-Piercing – 10%
  • Relentless Fury
  • Greater Acid Resistance

In general, black dragonscale armors (and robes and docents) are considered to be DPS armors.

First Edition Monster Manual black dragon
Draco Causticus Sputum
A first edition Monster Manual black dragon

Black Dragon

Quest: Litany of the Dead

Strangely this is the only unnamed dragon in DDO, simply referred to as “Black Dragon” in dialogs and examinations.
Black Dragon
It is not possible to fight Black Dragon. Rather, he presents the party with a series of questions to help determine which of the Black Abbott’s lieutenants will be available.

Tip: Choose answers that consistently match the alignment of your desired target and you will succeed. Cholthulzz is Lawful Good, Mentau is Chaotic Good, the High Priest of Vol is Lawful Evil, and Cinnis is Chaotic Evil. Or use a walkthrough such as this one by Catica.


Quest: Gianthold Tor


Rhindvutha is one of three fledgling dragons that must be defeated to qualify for the Reaver’s Fate raid. He is not particularly difficult on his own, but he has a partner (a fire giant that heals him) and both must be defeated at the same time or they raise each other.

Rhindvutha lives in a cavern containing a series of bubbling pools of deep acid which do a lot of damage to those who unwittingly step in. But caution is only so helpful, there are also random jets of acid that appear anywhere in the room without warning.

Rhindvutha’s chest has a high probability of containing one or more Black Dragon Scales.

Tip: The platform containing the fire giant is the only site in the room where acid jets do not form; also, it is possible to control the giant’s facing in such a way that he cannot “see” Rhindvutha to heal him.


Quest: Mired in Kobolds
Sinvala is the biggest and baddest Black Dragon in DDO. She is also thoroughly optional. In order to encounter her, one must first complete the quest Mired in Kobolds, including the defeat of her son Varath. The game will wait a minute or two before Sinvala appears to take vengeance, allowing plenty of time to loot and get out of the quest for those so inclined.

For those who stay, she has a metric buttload of hit points, and this is a very challenging fight. Very challenging.

Sinvala’s defeat unlocks three chests. Supposedly Black Dragon Scales drop in here (especially on higher difficulties) but I have never personally seen this occur.

Tip: The timing is difficult, but if you can position Sinvala under one of the spinning airborne Crystals of Power, you can shoot the Crystal and do a great deal of damage to everything underneath it. Including you if you are not careful.



Quest: Mired in Kobolds
Varath has cooked up some kind of scheme that involves a tribe of paragon kobolds. Varath is a challenging opponent when faced by characters of the expected levels, and to make it even more interesting when his fight begins he is accompanied by a squad of the afore-mentioned paragon kobolds.

One must defeat Varath to complete the quest, but loot quickly and finish out unless the team also wishes to face Sinvala, Varath’s avenging mother.

I do not know if Varath’s loot ever includes Black Dragon Scales but I know that I have personally never seen any drop.

Tip: clear out the kobolds before engaging the dragon. Once he is alone, plant him in one place to avoid being dragged through the Spike Growth patches that will be spontaneously appearing.

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  1. I solo’d Sinvala elite on my lvl 25 cleric, then lfm’d for chest openers. We got all in all 3 black dragonscales from the Mired end chests. This was a couple of weeks ago. Before U14 I have also pulled black scales from Mired.

  2. I have seen Black Dragon Scales drop… but it is not a good way to farm them!
    The first time I fought Sinvala (2 man) we died so often that all our equipment was broken. It took about 2 hours (lol) and lots of Dimension Doors. In the end we triumphed by staying behind the forcefield… Sinvala could attack us through it by occaisionally sticking her head through (prolly not Working as Intended). Keeping Icestorms up by the barrier eventually beat her down.
    Those were the days!

  3. This looks cool, looking forward to hear more from those dragons. Do metallic dragons exist in Eberron / Eveningstar?

    I can also confirm Black Scales drop from Sinvala chests, I got a couple of them.

  4. Yes, Sinvala does drop black scales, I got two of her while I traveled through few TR’s.
    I personally can’t wait for epic GH and what those armours will bring us.
    Great blog, btw!
    Csila of Orien

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