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This is part four in a series of articles describing DDO’s dragons. I’ll compile them all into one great big DragonDex when they’re all published.

History of Dragons in DDO

  • Feb 2006 Game launch: No dragons. DDO stands for Dwarves & Drow Online
  • Apr 2006 Module 1: Velah! The first and still biggest dragon, but Velah is planted in place and cannot pursue adventurers who try tricksy tactics. Stand and swing
  • Apr 2007 Module 4: The three fledgling dragons of Gianthold Tor. They are mobile, but each is paired up with a giant partner and special environmental problems. The encounters are fun but they are as much puzzle and timing as they are combat. Also introduces the Heroic Dragon Scale Armors
  • Oct 2008 Module 8: Tenathear the quest giver, but much more importantly, two white dragons that really fight! Fully mobile, fully fearsome, and full of hit points. The first full-on dragon fights in DDO. One of the white dragons also appears in the Korthos Island new player area, not as an opponent but still, glorious dragony goodness for brand-new players too.
  • Feb 2010 Update 3: Two black dragons in full fighting glory. Also, Velah goes Epic and we see the first Epic Red Dragon Scale Armors
  • Oct 2010 Update 7: A spectral dragon with a unique combat mechanism. Also spectral dragon scales but no spectral dragon scale armor
  • Nov 2011 Update 12: A new spectral dragon hidden deeply within a Cannith challenge.
  • Jun 2012 Update 14: Three green dragons, each with full mobility including flight, a red that craftily hangs out on a highly defensible pillar in the Underdark, and another red that is sponsoring his own combat arena. Two new forms of Epic dragonscale armors, Cormyrian Red and Cormyrian Green.

DDO dragons over time
DDO Dragons Over Time

Red Dragons

Red Dragons breath fire, as any self-respecting dragon would intend. Lightning, acid, poison, all very nice breath weapons, but still, not fire. In case there is any doubt as to which dragon is the coolest, Smaug is a Red Dragon. Or at least, so he was drawn by Tolkien, we’ll have to see what Peter Jackson thinks about that.

If all that fire breathing wasn’t badass enough, it is a well-known fact that Red Dragons also get all the chicks.

Red Dragon Scale Armor

There are two different types of Red Dragonscale attire, and both are epic. Cormyrian Red Dragon Scale armors, robes and docents have these properties:

  • Armor Bonus +9
  • Toughness
  • Superior Fire Resistance
  • Fire Absorption 20%
  • Protection +6
  • Heavy Fortification
  • Seeker +10

While Epic Red Dragon Scale armors and clothing have these properties:

  • Armor Bonus +8
  • Superior Fire Resistance
  • Eternal Fire
  • Combustion +84
  • Superior Fire Lore
  • Fire Guard
  • Incineration Guard
  • Empty Colorless Augment Slot
  • Empty Blue Augment Slot

Cormyrian seems clearly to have been built for tanking, while Epic is more nuanced and is often found on Monks, Druids and Fire Savants.

First Edition AD&D Red Dragon
Draco Conflagratio Horribilis
First edition AD&D red dragon


Quest: Eveningstar Challenge Ring of Fire


Aptoryx is the host of the Eveningstar challenge Ring of Fire, an endless combat challenge that occurs in the Underdark Arena.

Initially he is merely the host and announcer, taunting the player characters and announcing their opponents as they appear. But eventually, when all the other challengers have been defeated, he will face the players himself.

Aptoryx’s chest is reliably known to contain the occasional Flawless Red Dragon Scale, at least when the chest is obtained at the higher levels of difficulty.

Tip: Mass Protection from Elements saves each character from 120 points of fire damage. In the Aptoryx fight, this is almost as good as a Heal except it is thrown in advance and can be cast by anyone with a blue bar.


Quest: Underdark Adventure Area


Not as fearsomely large as some of Faerun’s green dragons, Micahrastir remains as challenging due to his strategic choice of lair. He resides on the top of a stone pillar that can only be reached via a precarious path that Micahrastir destroys at the first hint of trouble. Wing buffets are permanent ejections: there is no way back.

Micahrastir’s chest is known to contain the occasional Flawless Red Dragon Scale. Not that I would know, I’ve never yet defeated this beast in such a way that I get to loot his hoard.

Tip: It is possible to range Micharastir even after you’ve been ejected, but you won’t get any loot.


Quest: Plane of Night (Raid)


The queen of DDO dragons, Velah was first and remains among the baddest. Although she is planted in one location throughout her combat, her fierce fire breath and loyal companions make this a challenging raid up for any Heroic character. Like all of the older raids, level 25 characters with completed Epic Destinies may find it a bit easy.When defeated on Epic difficulty levels, Velah’s chest is known to contain Flawless Red Dragon Scales. Also, the Sword of Shadow, one of the first raid loot items and still considered to be the top-shelf DPS weapon.

Velah has the rare distinction of also appearing in another quest, albeit in her polymorphed Elven form. It’s not obvious, but if you look, you can find her chatting away with Cydonie in the Chronoscope.

Tip: Make sure everyone crosses the threshold into the final fight area at the same time. An energy barrier springs up as soon as someone crosses and if you are not careful, some of your group could be left out.

Velah as an Elf
Velah as an Elf

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  1. 🙂 You forgot Aptoryx, red dragon found in the Eveningstar challenge Ring of fire. I really liked the “History of Dragons in DDO”, although I don’t know which 2 white dragons from Module 8? I know only 2 white dragons that you fight, the one in Tor and the other in Reaver’s Refuge.

  2. Thanks Micki, I did forget Aptoyx, I’ll have to update that!

    Re the third white: read tomorrow 🙂

    Oops there is a dragon in one of the house C challenges too isn’t there? Oops.

  3. The one in the challenges is the spectral dragon already mentioned.

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