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This is part five in a series of articles describing DDO’s dragons. I’ll compile them all into one great big DragonDex when they’re all published.

Eastern Dragons

This series, and for that matter, DDO, portrays dragons as they are seen in the West. Brutal, rapacious, villainous. Dragons kidnap virgins for dinner and destroy villages for kicks. All evil, all the time.

But it is not so in the East. Eastern dragons are wise and whimsical, not necessarily good but definitely not bad. For one thing, Eastern dragons bring luck.

Encounter a Western dragon and you are in deep, deep trouble. Encounter an Eastern dragon, remain properly respectful and humble, and you are probably in for something special.

Dragons are part of the Eastern calendar. 2012 was the Year of the Dragon, specifically, a Water Dragon (there are four other kinds). Technically, we are still in the Year of the Dragon until January 22 (although another source says Feb 7). Children born in the Year of the Dragon are thought to have auspicious beginnings; they will grow up to be lucky adults.

Eastern Dragons are more jollyAll children born in a year of the Dragon are believed to share these traits:

  • Innovative
  • Enterprising
  • Flexible
  • Self-assured
  • Brave
  • Passionate
  • Conceited
  • Tactless
  • Scrutinizing
  • Unanticipated
  • Quick-tempered

Those born in a year of the Water Dragon are more perceptive, patient, and less likely to seek out the spotlight.

White Dragons

White dragons are creatures of winter. They prefer arctic climates, are immune to cold, and have a viciously frozen cold-based breath attack. All things being equal, whites are the least formidable of the D&D dragons, but that does not hold true in DDO. The white dragons available for combat in DDO are loaded with hit points and are as daunting as any other draconic foe.

White Dragonscale Armor

Available only in Heroic types, at least until update 17 debuts with (the expected) Epic Gianthold, white dragonscale attire supplies these abilities:

  • +5 Enhancement Bonus
  • Heavy Fortification
  • +5 Protection
  • +4 shield AC bonus
  • Greater Cold Resistance

Whether Armor, Leather, Robe or Docent, white dragonscale gear seems to be aimed at meleers and tanks.

First Edition AD&D Monster Manual white dragon
Draco Rigidus Frigidus
First Edition AD&D White Dragon


Quests: Misery’s Peak, Prey on the Hunter

Misery Peak version
Aussircaex in Misery Peak

Prey on the Hunter version
In Prey on the Hunter, she seems thicker and more mature

Aussircaex is one of the very few monsters that appear in two quests. She is first seen in Misery’s Peak, under the mental control of a crystal-enhanced Mindflayer. Broken free by adventurers, she retreated to her lair with her mate where she is trying to lay eggs and raise a brood.

One does not have to fight Aussircaex, nor use any special skill to avoid the fight. Simply allow her to keep her eggs once you’ve defeated her opponents. Be warned that if you decide to keep the eggs yourself you will be fighting not only Aussircaex but also her mate Aussiroth.

Aussircaex has two loot areas. Unlock the smaller one (a solo chest) by completing the quest. Unlock the larger one (chests and gold piles) by defeating Aussircaex and her mate. The larger hoard is known to include White Dragon Scales on occasion.

Tip: Aussircaex’s lair is huge and she wing buffets all the time. A ranged weapon is very useful.


Quest: Prey on the Hunter

Aussiroth and Aussircaex combine for a double buttload of hitpoints

Aussiroth never appears alone. You only encounter him together with his mate Aussircaex, who he closely matches in appearance. They are essentially identical; if there are any differences at all, I can’t spot them.

Both of them have huge piles of hit points, but do not have any particularly formidable attacks. While fighting two dragons at once is novel, it becomes as much of an endurance test as anything else, whittling away at all those hit points in between the wing buffets.

Aussiroth’s hoard, shared with Aussircaex, is known to include the odd White Dragon Scale now and then.

Tip: If you back up to a wall, you won’t get projected as far away during wing buffets, rather instead being tossed straight up in the air and coming back down where you began.


Quest: Gianthold Tor

GrundaussirAnother of the fledgling dragons that must be defeated to quality a character for The Reaver’s Fate raid, Grundaussir would not be a match for a well-equipped at-level party on his own. But he is not on his own, he is paired with a Stone Giant Cleric and they must be slain at the same time or they raise each other, and much of their lair is covered in ice which severely handicaps your movement.

Grundaussir’s chest is reliably known to contain the occasional White Dragon Scale.

Tip: Grundaussir’s Stone Giant companion dispels your buffs, including Freedom of Movement. Bring Spiked Boots or Kundarak Delving Boots if you have them. This very annoying giant cleric also spams one Cometfall after another but I don’t know of any boots that will help much with that.

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  1. 😛 You spelled Aussircaex wrong… Nice job on the dragon series.

  2. This has been a great series, thanks for writing it!

  3. Don’t forget the Rock Boots (from the Cannith Challenges) also have the “Immunity from Slippery Surfaces” attribute. Well, for certain the level 16 and 20 versions do (without checking the wiki if the lower versions do as well).

  4. I really enjoyed the story of the Eastern Dragons. I have White Dragonscale Armor on my tank Paladin and even at lvl 25 I sometimes equip it, just for the fun of it. They are the most beautiful looking dragon armors out there.

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