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This is the last segment of a series on DDO dragons. I’ll compile all six parts into a single page or posting shortly.

Thank you DDO community!

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  • And especially, thanks to DDOWiki and it’s contributors without whom our whole community would be fumbling around blindly in the dark

You are all awesome!

Spectral Dragons

There are two of these ephemeral creatures although one is available to players part time, appearing during the Mabar Festival only. Spectral Dragons look like big, translucent blue dragons. There may be something to that, as they are immune to electricity and have lightning bolt breath weapons.

They seem to take on the color of their surroundings. Put them in a fiery location and they seem mainly reddish. Surround them with crystals and they seem largely purplish.

Spectral Dragons are the only dragons in DDO that are not represented in the first edition AD&D Monster Manual.

Spectral Dragon Scales

While it is possible to acquire Spectral Dragon Scales, it is not possible to use them to create Spectral Armor. Instead, they are crafting ingredients used when constructing epic versions of the Mabar Festival loot.

Smaug - by JRRTolkien
Since there are no AD&D spectral dragons,
lets instead look at Smaug
(as painted by Tolkien himself)


Quest: Cannith challenges Buying Time, Labor Shortage and The Dragon’s Hoard


Auraxyllon bides his time in one of three randomly-selected locations deep within the Extraplanar Palace. He does not have a normal dragon’s hoard of loot, rather instead accumulating a dense collection of green and (especially) purple crystals.

Having no chest, Auraxyllon does not drop Spectral Dragon Scales.

Tip: Unless you are trying for the perfect challenge completion, only the Dragon’s Hoard requires you to face Auraxyllon. The Dragon’s Hoard is also the only challenge that gives you enough time to calmly search for and defeat the dragon: seeking Auraxyllon gets a bit frantic in the other two challenges.


Quest: Mabar Festival


Eternity is part of a unique raid that involves as many as 24 characters spread across a large temple and split into four separate altar defense areas. The raid is famous for lag as much as anything else, but when it is working correctly, Eternity attacks each altar and is subject to being attacked herself when she is visible. Her minions attack the light sources making it harder to keep Eternity visible when she does appear in your area.

Eternity does not have chests or loot, but every raid participant automatically receives a Spectral Dragon Scale on each successful completion.

Tip: Bring a ghost touch weapon or other ghost touch capability: Eternity is ethereal.

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  1. 🙂 Mabar scales, you can get up to 3 (or was it even 4) from a run, if you’re lucky and the dragon was killed fast enough. You are guaranteed 1, though, on a successful run. The scales are needed from lvl 12 on gear and lvl 5 on wands, so not only for epic versions.

  2. Also – Eternity is considered “undead”, so all the usual “anti-undead” ‘weapons’ are good, too.

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