Feb 222013

Filling the Marketplace
Filling the Market like they own the place

Cheeky dragons, they get their own DDO update and their own Dragondex and the next thing you know, they’re all over the place. Being draconic.

The latest example: Coin Serf, halfling Sorceror and Haggle-master, is just minding her own business, Teleporting about while trying to find if there are any augment vendors other than those in Gianthold, when suddenly there is a giant whooshing sound: the sky darkens around her. Without warning, a massive White Dragon* looms over her, in the Marketplace! Of all places.

* [Edit] According to forum user FranOhmsford, this is really a Silver dragon! And now that I look I think he (she?) is right! Awesome!

Hennespyra ignoring Coin's shaken fist
She looks fierce but Coin is (of course!) not intimidated

Cheeky dragons.

The dragon, who’s name turns out to be Hennespyra, shrinks down to an Elven form where she proceeds to totally ignore Coin, instead mouthing dire warnings to Cydonie and Genecia. Lesser races she says?

Coin is indignant. “I’ll show her ‘lesser races'”, she thinks as she is getting wound up into dire rant mode, “the nerve! Flying in here like that and getting everyone all stirred up”.

Hennespyra and CoinSorcerous winds blow as Coin’s anger gathers, protections and whispery shields form around her all but unbidden, seemingly increasing the tiny caster’s volume and presence.

But just as suddenly as she had arrived, the dragon/elf returns back to full Dragon mode and flies away.

Coin’s mouth opens and shuts several times as the fact of the dragon’s disappearance sinks in. Sorcerous buffs and protections pop out of existence, no longer needed.

It is probably just as well. Coin in dire-rant-mode is not a pretty thing. You know how it is with redheads.

Diplomatic relations are probably best served by keeping Coin and Hennespyra apart. Well apart.

Cheeky dragons!

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  1. Oh, she’s so pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. () ‘phew’ Good, I wasn’t sure if I was the only one seeing it! (or if it was even actually happening!) Oh, and I most certainly DO know how it is with redheads! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Awesome post!

  3. Why do I always miss that kind of things!?

  4. Aw, just hang out in the market, near the “dragon contingent” (you know – all those dragons in elven form – by the fountain) and you will eventually see it. Probably several times. It seems it may be triggered by anyone returning from GH. At least, that is the working theory.

  5. Henny was doubtlessly shaking in her boots and just hiding it well. Coin is wearing DRAGONSCALE armor afterall… she’s already proven herself able to handle a dragon and wears the proof in plain sight for all to see.

    darn cheeky dragons. XD

  6. lol I remember first time I saw that dragon, I turned around to see a dragon just about to land on me. (it’s front paws landed either side of me) then I got blown halfway across the the square infront of the bank by the wind from the dragon’s wings crashing into the wall.

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