Jan 172017

I said don’t look!

Too late. It knows you are watching.

Except by “following” I mean on Twitter and by “you” I mean me. Hulu is following me on Twitter.


Is it really trying to get me, personally, to watch Hulu?

Hulu posts tweet-sized ads for shows that it is playing. This is what I would expect Hulu to do. I do not expect that they would follow me. Me? And ask my permission to show their tweet-ads to me personally.

Actually, now that I’ve typed that last sentence, I like that as a way for ads to work in general. Opt-in advertising, where I only have to see those ads I’ve agreed to see. Except I don’t think that would be very practical. I would only see ads for games and football and bourbon and naked women. Not the kind of thing one can build an economy around.

Meanwhile, Hulu is still following me.

I do not believe there is anyone at Hulu who has ever read any of my tweets. I’m sure their choice to follow me was automated, a script, something along the lines of “follow everyone who posts in the next day”. Meaning, I imagine many of you are being followed by Hulu too.

I didn’t follow them back. I have a vague set of rules for whom I will follow. By default, the answer is yes, I will follow you back. But not if your description is in a language I don’t know, not if the acronym “SEO” or the word “seminar” appears in your description, not if you already have over a thousand followers, and not if you are famous.

That leaves a lot of ground for follow backs. As a result, I am following a hair salon in England. And a guy who posts colorful palette-knife paintings. I get old historical photos, and anime, and four panel comics, and Wonder Woman. Really a lot of Wonder Woman, someone I follow must like her a whole lot.

And a lot of twitch streamers, very many. Too many to watch, if I watched twitch at all, which I do not.

But not Hulu. Hulu can follow me if it wants, nothing I can do about it except to block it, and it is not harassing, it is just there. Being all corporate and Hulu-like, making me wonder just what it is up to?

Hulu? You there? I see you, following me.

What are you up to?

🙂 😀 🙂



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  1. I dunno…there seems to be huge economies built around naked women…

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