Aug 142012

My myddo links
Anything here that is worth preserving?

MyDDO includes the capability to store links with your blog. It used to be possible to organize those links into categories but sometime ago that broke, and now any new links automatically and irretrievably go into the MyDDO category.

I used to use the links on this blog as a handy navigation tool when in-game. But I don’t really use them all that often, I have the same bookmarks available in my browser and it is often easier to just hit the bookmark rather than loading my myddo page and then following the correct link.

Bad link
Destiny is a guild, but it is no longer seems to be possible
to assign links to a link category other than “MyDDO”

I included links that might be of general interest to others, and organized them in (what seemed to me to be) an intuitive and useable manner. But I wonder if this capability is useful to anyone at all.

[Edit] as proven by Cordovan (and tested by me too), the ability to categorize links is working again. As recently as June 10 it was broken – I thoroughly tested – but it is working now. Yay!

Are these links of value to anyone? Would a single person notice if they all just went away?


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. huh, never even noticed that was there!

    I tend to user browser bookmarks as well. I have a whole stack of DDO related links in a folder on

    Much easier for me to manage 🙂

  2. I use the links a bunch!

    Perhaps my blog is an exception, but I am able to add links to other categories just fine. Go to My Admin, then Links, then Add New, check the box of the category you want the link to go into, save it and that’s that! Works for me.

    Just to test it out, I put a link to this article in my self-created Puzzle Solvers category of my page.

  3. Jerry is right (as if there was any doubt), categorization is working again now 🙂

  4. I set up a link to Google a long time ago. My computer still has issues running in windowed mode so it’s easier for me to open myddo then go to google when I need to look something up.

    Never added anything else, but I use this one daily if not more.

  5. I use links a lot. Since I run DDO full-screen, it’s easier (for me) to pop open MyDDO and use the links to get to the DDOWiki (my primary link). I’m thinking I may need to assimilate (some of) your links and add their distinctiveness to my own.

  6. I need to ask this more clearly. In addition to the general links question, I am specifically asking if anyone uses MY links? If I deleted them, would anyone be discomfited in any way?

  7. Ok, to be honest I have never used YOUR links to go anywhere. I always edited MY links and used those in game, but nowhere NEAR the organization that you have 🙂

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