Jan 302016

Dear Shinae

The mission was successful, but not easy. Spiders and scorpions were in the lower levels of the warehouse, but the kobolds weren’t as numerous as expected. There were a couple of witch doctors, but I managed to skirt around them without them noticing me. I thought they were harmless.

I’m getting slightly more used to the idea of shadows being my ally. The shock of combating intelligent creatures isn’t as severe, and I find myself pushing through without as much fear as I once had. Is this what happened to you years ago? Were you scared when you started stealing from corrupt guards? I thought you were always brave.

Never mind that. Some news just surfaced, and I am called to adventure again, with no promise of reward this time. Children have started to disappear from the streets, and the Stormreach guards have tracked them down to kobold territory in the sewers. There’s also a handful of hostage situations caused by the Sharn Syndicate. The wicked that deliberately harm the innocent need to be stopped. Or killed.

Also, the dreams have returned, but they’re different this time. I’m not hearing the screaming, but the room is darker, and the fire is brighter. I almost feel the burns again… And the chains… What does it mean? Is it fear? Is it a warning? A curse? Should I tell someone? I’m not sure… I don’t think I can tell someone about that yet. But I don’t think I have a choice.



What do you think?

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