Jan 232016

Dear Shinae

Never mind about that first note. Running and hiding? Bad idea! I swear I didn’t know kobolds were that keen on smell! One of them got the jump on me… I don’t think I can walk straight for a few days. But I made it out alive, and that’s one thing that matters. I was not as ready as I thought I was to take on that job. It took a little while to get over the shock of knowing that another intelligent being was killed by my blade, but… It’s decidedly for the better. I spared a few of those kobolds, so that’s got to be good. Right?

Anyhow, the real threat has been subdued, as well as a few others in those parts of the sewers. There were two more troglodytes working with Iss’lar down there, as well as two kobold witch doctors. Not to mention Iss’lar’s pet worg. Quick work of them all. I suppose that’s one gang disbanded. How many have you got so far?

Well, I’m sure you must have done good work as well. More than me, most likely. You already knew how to fight, so you didn’t need to waste time training. Plus, you have friends. I’m all by myself…

No. Scratch that. I’m one of the Commandos. I have strong allies, even if I haven’t adventured with one. One of the Commandos did help me out by giving me some magic items, and I had a couple nice chats with him. His name’s Duvok. He’s an assassin from the Lhazaar Principalities, and he said he can help in the future if possible. I wonder if I should inform him of our little journey in the sewers of Sharn… I should wait on that.

The next job I’m going to take is a mission for a thief instead of an assassin, so this should be easier… If I don’t get caught. Some kobolds have gathered in an abandoned warehouse, and my employer says they have valuable gems stashed away. I don’t get what the risk is about some jewelry, but whatever experience to help hone my sneaking.




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