Jan 162016

Dear Shinae Greenbottle

I made it! The Halfling Commandos have accepted me as a member! I’m excited to be with this guild! Everyone seems to be experienced and relaxed, with few rules. My kind of people! They also have one of those airships that we’ve seen a couple times back at Sharn. Except this one is larger, and seems designed for housing rather than travel. I wonder if it serves as a muster point before the guild goes on a quest. I’ll have to ask when I meet the leader again.

I’ve also been asking around, asking for any possible jobs, and I have found a possible exercise for my new vocation. I’ve already done a few small jobs, but nothing truly dangerous: scorpion and spider exterminator, as well as a forceful tax collector at one point. I did find something that does seem like a challenge, though. Underlord Iss’lar, a troglodyte thug who has surrounded himself with kobold thieves. Seems fitting that this is the first assassination job that I take. Don’t question the choices I make! Remember our friend the necromancer? Have you ever questioned his methods of research? Exactly.

Another thing that I should add is the fact that I might try to seek you out in the near future. Knowing you, you’re probably out fighting the major gangs of the city. I haven’t been in Stormreach for long, and I’ve already heard some pretty nasty things about this so-called Sharn Syndicate. What they do is almost as bad as what he does, but not quite. But I’m not ready, yet. I have things I still need to learn. But whatever the case, I hope I can meet you again.


Liddae Greenbottle

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