Jan 092016

Dear Shinae Greenbottle,

I finally made it to Stormreach, and after spending one day in it, I like it more than Sharn. With it covering more land than air, there’s less of a chance of falling “accidents”. Some of the guards are also more respectable than the ones back home. There’s also lots of opportunity to adventure here, so I’ll be making some easy money with the little skill I have. With luck, I can improve and stay by your side without being a nuisance.

The trip was rather easy. I apologize for not going on the same ship as you, but I had to. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t following, and if he was, then that you would not be at risk. I found no trace of that filth-ridden monster, fortunately. What’s more, I met an interesting adventurer while the ship stopped at an island named Korthos. He didn’t say much, but being near him was inspiring in a strange sense. I hope I can meet him again.

Anyhow, I’m already making plans on what to do in the future. I think I’ll join one of the adventurer’s guilds. I did some sneaking around and heard of one guild for halflings. Hopefully they are friendly enough to let me join. “Strength in numbers” as the kobold says. He would have a hard time finding me if I’m hiding behind the rumored “Feybuckler”…

I know you’re worried, but I’ll be fine. I’ve survived this long, haven’t I? If I can survive that I can make it anywhere. I’ve been honing my sneaking skills with a nice halfling named Jeets. If I run into trouble, I can run away from the trouble and hide. No problem.


Liddae Greenbottle

P.S. I decided to wear my hair down. I don’t want anyone seeing that nasty burn mark.

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  1. No one puts Liddae in the corner!

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