Apr 072016

Dear Shinae,

Again, sorry about not writing in a while, but I’ve been up to a lot lately. Does assassination count if the thing you’re fighting is not technically alive? I’ve been curious about that since I found a stone golem beneath Stormreach. DEEP beneath Stormreach. So deep that I spent a couple days finding the place, thought that might be because of a delay by hobgoblins.

Alright, I’ll explain in detail. I met an adventurer, named Dael, who tried to explore through a section of Stormreach sewers known as the Steam Tunnels. She had to turn back due to a kobold tribe blocking the path that she had to take. However, she was on an important mission for the Wayfinder Foundation, and couldn’t leave the city without collecting an artifact. You can guess how I got involved…

The kobolds were easy to get past. They weren’t as organized as other tribes I came across, and even the Kobold Brothers looked like a dwarf colony compared to the Steam Tunnel Kobolds. The problem lay deeper in the sewers: troglodytes, undead, and hobgoblins.

The troglodytes didn’t appear to be like a tribe. They were more of a border patrol or scouting party for some large force in some other section of the sewers. I’ll have to investigate… Nonetheless, I don’t like trogs. You would know. Undead are also nasty wherever you go. That necromancer didn’t seem too happy to find me sneaking through his tiny domain.

The real issues were the hobgoblins. Second largest tribe I have seen, second to Arzag-Khor (I have heard about the Splinterskull tribe, but I haven’t seen their lair). The Cloven-Jaw hobgoblins were quite numerous, and one cleric in particular defeated me. I was climbing a ladder, when I heard a chant higher up in the sewer. An impulse came into my head, and I found myself letting go of the ladder and falling head first towards the floor below. Then the fire trap went off!

The fire combined with a head injury knocked me out. I guess the goblinoids had some sort of plan for me, because I woke up in their slave camp, being prodded by a bunch of curious kobolds. The guards had taken my swords, but they didn’t check my sleeves. I’m glad I keep a spare set of daggers now. Those kobolds were glad as well. They invited me to go back to their clan for payment for rescuing them. Though, mainly, I’m happy to say I know I’m stronger now. Did I wait 17 days to be rescured? No. I rescued myself, and didn’t put you in harm’s way with my failure.

From there, I found that cleric and dumped his corpse into the filthy sewer water, and then proceeded to find and assassinate the hobgoblin chief for good measure. Those mangy dogs will remember to avoid me in the future!

Then that whole golem instance happened… Dodging a giant (or at least something that resembles one) and attacking its legs? Easier said than done. That thing punted me across the ruins like a ball. Had to sit in a hospital ward for a week while waiting for broken bones to heal with assisted magic… How I destroyed the golem I can only owe to luck. Enough chopping at its leg and it fell over. The artifact it was guarding was some sort of seal. Don’t know what it could do, other than look nice on a wall, but questioning isn’t part of the job… most of the time.



P. S. Remind me to NEVER explore a ruin that’s guarded by constructs.

P. P. S. Also remind me to find someone named “Ixengix”. She’s supposedly a ring leader of outcast kobolds. I was told by the kobold slaves to meet her.

What do you think?

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