Feb 202016

Dear Mawry Haversack,

I’ve been experiencing some unsettling dreams recently, and have increasingly felt that I had to tell someone. I don’t trust Kear, Cydonie, or Fred enough, and the six adventurers I trust are nowhere to be found. So, instead, I write to you, Mawry. This is just something I need to get off my chest.

About a month before I arrived at Stormreach, I was thrown into the sewers after a gang was cross with me when I tried to palm a necklace (that’s another story). In the depths of Sharn, a clan of troglodytes and kobolds dragged me into their lair, keeping me along with other unfortunate citizens. The leader of these creatures is unlike anything I’ve seen so far, save for the Tunnelworm kobolds.

Sirax is a vile, cruel, fiend of a troglodyte that’s fueled by hatred and anger towards the civilized races: men, elves, halflings, gnomes, goblinoids, orcs, warforged, and especially dwarves. He’s consumed with the belief that everyone else is out to slaughter his kind, and has been doing so since they first encountered the ancient Dhakaani Empire. In turn, he feels that the only way to bring justice is to torture any citizens of the surface world that are unfortunate enough to end up in his realm.

To be honest, I don’t trust my mind to remember everything that happened. My imagination got quite active in a place with no light to tell the difference between dream and reality… I do remember branding, and I’m reminded every time I look in the mirror… I also remember that Sirax kept track of how many days have passed, and he became interested in me after day 13… He said that I was… “special”. Said that I was determined to get out and not give up…

What helped me was that I had a small glimmer of hope that I desperately clung to. I knew that my older sister, Shinae, would find me. On day 17, she did, bringing a drow and a shifter with her. They were in chains, due to the drow’s poor judgement, but it was enough to inspire an escape plan. My legs were broken in the process, but it succeeded.

Since then, I couldn’t forgive myself. The one time I take something that I didn’t need, and I ended up in the sewers. Shinae was hurt. So… I must make it up to her, even if I separated myself from her. I must become strong… I must find Sirax. Make him pay. Make him suffer for everything he’s done. Not just to me and Shinae, but to everyone. But… am I stooping to his level with this… anger and fear?

With uncertainty,

Liddae Greenbottle

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