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Evangelyne, her cat Whiskers, and her hammer Adoryn's Malice
Evangelyne, her cat Whiskers, and her hammer Adoryn’s Malice

Dexterity is on the march! Look out Strength, your days as the pre-eminent melee stat are numbered! Need proof? Check out the DEX modifier to damage on Evangelyne’s weapon Adoryn’s Malice.

New! Improved! Now with DEX modifier to damage!
Dexterity to the rescue!

I became quite excited when noticing this. Did the developers make finessable weapons into DEX weapons? All of them? Some of them? Any others at all?

Now that I double-check, Evangelyne’s other named finesse weapons – Sun Blade, Dagger of Inquisition and Blood Machete – all remain STR weapons. Only Adoryn’s Malice is now a DEX weapon. Strange.

Maybe there is really no change at all and the Wiki folks just missed this one when compiling their list of weapons with unusual attack or damage mods? This requires further investigation. And so I am off, logging into and out of all my characters to check out their inventory of finesse weapons. Dozens of named finesse weapons, daggers, rapiers, short swords, sickles, kamas, a light hammer, a kukri … none of them seem to be affected.

But I didn’t imagine this. It really happened, and I have a screenshot.

Evangelyne is a rogue, and recently re-did her enhancements. She has Knife in the Darkness and Dagger in the Back. She also happens to have the Weapon Finesse feat, which was recently re-jiggered to work in conjunction with Dagger in the Back and apply DEX modifiers to damage. Is this strange new DEX version of Adoryn’s Malice somehow being effected by her new enhancements?

A quick trip to a trainer and her enhancements are cleared out. Since I am there anyway, I set Evangelyne up as a rogue/acrobat, I’d always intended to change her over from Mechanic at some point and now that quarterstaff fighting has been buffed, maybe now is the time. I go for it. Sweeps, trips, staff maneuvers and tricks, I load up on the entire package.

Finishing up with the enhancement swap, I equip Adoryn’s Malice and look again: no DEX modifier to damage. It is a STR weapon again. How strange that none of my other finesse weapons got the DEX upgrade from the enhancement changes. Whatever, I guess it is not surprising that something in this game is implemented inconsistently

On the other hand, with the Acrobat and Stick Fighting enhancements, all my quarterstaves have turned into DEX weapons. And I have a lot of them, I’ve been collecting them forever just hoping that someday a character would emerge that would use them. Banisher, Smiter, miscellaneous greater banes, everything except a paralyzer.

And so, Evangelyne strides forth, a whole new rogue, full of staves and exciting new action boosts. She can Strike, she can Lunge, she can Sweep, she can even Vault, an Abundant-Step-like ability with unlimited uses, but a longish cooldown.

Showing off a couple new moves. If the video doesn’t work correctly, refresh

Her feats are all wrong now, but that’s easily corrected. She has even retained her free LR from the previous expansion pack release.

No worries, just fun. A whole new way to play! Why am I sitting here writing about this when I could be trying out the New Improved Dexterity-driven Evangelyne?

So long Strength, I never really loved you anyway.

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  1. The assassin core feature only changed the info on weapon when they are equipped. That’s why when you look at unequiped weapons, you didin’t saw them being “dex to damage”.

    • That makes total sense! And illustrates something that happens to me in real life as well as in DDO: once your software is known as “buggy”, people lose faith in it, every little thing is seen as a bug, even if things are working as intended. Even things like this, which is simple user error. Perception of bug overrides reality.

      Software quality matters. A lot.

  2. Reading the abilities is also helpful.

  3. Interestingly, there that kensei line which makes you centered with whatever your focus weapon is & that ability from ninja spy which makes slashing & piercing weapons use dex for to-hit & damage when centered. I already have a centered scimmy user that i respecced one of my characters to, will check out tonight whether it can apply to, say, greatswords (since he’s tempest & scimmies can be finessable through that). Might be a laugh to have someone who can potentially use the eSoS or eAGA as a dex weapon πŸ™‚

    • Ok, that character only has the 1st tier of ninja spy, but being centered with heavy blades i bought a cheap greatsword off the AH, equipped it and… dex shows for to-hit as well as str πŸ™‚ So it can be assumed that the 2nd tier of core enhancements from that line would add dex for damage to it too

      • That is seriously sweet. Sword Saint build now possible!

      • Of course there’s still the issue of how practical it’d be, as ideally for MOAR DPS! you’ll want overwhelming criticals so need to invest somewhat in strength, and its far easier to get more strength than it is to get more dexterity… nevertheless it’s another possibility in the vast sea of possibilities that the new enhancement system has opened up for us πŸ™‚

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