Aug 122016
Umber Hulks reskinned?

Umber Hulks reskinned?

Where does this come from? Back here…

I am looking forward to seeing how the developers handle the Aspis Cow. Aspis Ox? Aspis Oxen? However they pull it off, I commend them for having taken on this Herculean task. My only fear is that Turbine might overlook the seriousness of the matter and it will end up being we, the adventurers, who bear the brunt of the insectoids’ wrath. Oh, wait; My only Two, two fears is that we may be breaking more eggs, a lot more eggs, if we ever hope to get our ransack xp-bonus. Comfy chair anyone?

Your hands increase in size, granting a +2 size bonus to Strength and damage. Portable Ram’s Might Braziers; Brilliant idea and totally within reach; Temple of Elemental Evil gave us mini-boxes for us to open and receive interesting boosts, right? I think it’s high time we got some power creep in at least two Ranger spells; Ram’s Might and, I know everyone is ahead of me on this one(unless you or someone you love is a Dev); Barkskin. Here is that idea again, just in case you missed it; Barkskin.

The third hook, inspired by reading the A-1 Module is found in the image of the six orcs descending into the sewage channel. I think we’re ready for Orange and Red-Named Boss Units. Non-named Champion mobs could easily have their influence extended to other non-named mobs within their area of influence. Start small Turbine; link one mob to one Champion and allow a passive skill check on the part of the players to detect the shared influence. Maybe a soft golden aura around the feet of the linked mobs? Colour selected to match the crown?

Units of mobs that are tied together by training, friendship, what-have-you. Buffs, both defensive and offensive that reflect cohesive(or incomprehensibly chaotic)behaviours could go a long way in addressing the issue of some endgame challenges. Imagine if this group of six orcs worked as a unit and were trained in say; Reposte vs. Vorpal crits, then, depending on your position relative to the Named-Unit, you might suddenly find yourself vulnerable to as many as six Reposte attacks. Reduce their number by two and now you might find yourself vulnerable(on a bad day) to as many as four attacks etc. If Orange or Red-named Boss Units existed, it might suddenly become very important which orc warrior you hit with Hold Monster. Snag the leader and you might throw the others into a defensive panick but if the leader saves vs. the Hold Monster spell you may suddenly be faced with an entire Named-Unit bursting with an extra jolt of dps-adrenaline. With this dynamic in place, I believe that Turbine could actually relax the prohibitively short durations of so many ee crowd control spells.

Ok, enough of that. I would love to spend an hour discussing all the variables; pro and con but my intention here was to simply offer a few insights into how reading into an upcoming release can put a person into a developing state of mind. 😉

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  1. Do you do something graphics-related for a living? You really have a talent for it.

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