Jun 102016
I won't touch anything; just want to have a look around.

I won’t touch anything; just want to have a look around.

The picture is from the cover of Dungeon Module A2: Secrets of the Slavers Stockade. The image represents my idea for a DDOCast… Debate? Round Table Discussion? A get-together where we look into first or second or third part of the quest line and each have our say on one or more encounters that we feel deserve extra attention in the development process. You might highlight an opportunity, a potential pitfall or maybe just a guess at how you think they might or should handle a situation specific to your encounter. My suggestion would be to look at part one; it is the smallest, quickest of the three and sets the stage for the rest of the series well enough.

Were you there when these modules were used in tournament play? Did your DM ever use the series in his campaign? Did you? The most important question of all; were any of the Developers at Turbine there? No wrong answers here but maybe you are thinking of things that other players are as well and maybe, just maybe, the Devs will hear you. 😉

Once again turn your attention back to the image. The three heroes which we see in the foreground represent the developers at Turbine; lurking in the shadows, waiting to see what we come up with. You and I can be the purple Boggle or Boggles. Patrick can be the slaver. Maybe Geoff can be the guy in the back holding the torch. Or a boggle. I mean, Geoff can be a boggle, not; Geoff can be the one holding the Boggle. Boggles are very slippery and don’t like to be held for too long. A lot like some cats in that regard.

Is all this too much? Let me know. I don’t do the forums but I suspect it might be busy over there.

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Ps. I don’t think the idea is an easy one. It will require access to the material, hard copy or PDFs(I could provide in a pinch). A guest would need to review the material to find the things that for her, stood out and were thus important enough to be given special attention. I’m sure Patrick could start us off with a few generic questions like monster makeup or More Slaves to free? Ugh!

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  1. Boggles? I thought that thing was Gollum!

  2. Here’s the link to the PDF file:


    I don’t think I played Slavers. At least what I looked at so far doesn’t look familiar. I’ll have a good read tonight, though.

    Goblins…I really hope, above all else for this update, that they are adapted with all the care that kobolds have gotten.

    Luedwig is right about it being unlikely Geoff would be able to hold onto a boggle.

    “Boggles have rubbery skin and they secrete a viscous, nonflammable,
    black oil that is extremely slippery.”

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