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Design Your Own Miniature!

Oh the magical days in which we live. You can instantly communicate with nearly anyone, anywhere. You can order practically anything and have it appear at your door in a matter of days. You can play complicated, three-dimensional role-playing games with hundreds of other players, in real time.

And now you can design your own gaming miniature, using an online tool, and have it cast in a variety of plastics or metals according to your specification.

Like these. The images are from Hero Forge Customer Miniatures, a company that has assembled quite the impressive modeling tool for miniature design. Better, once your miniature is designed, they can 3D-print your work and mail it to you.

Your character. Modeled in your way. In a 30mm miniature, or a statuette of double or quadruple size. Ready to paint, if that is your thing, but they look quite striking even unpainted. Or I should say, they seem to look quite striking in the images. I’ve designed several characters but I haven’t actually bought one yet. I am going to buy a quad-size metal statue of Mawry Haversack, my Halfing Commando:

Mawry Haversack - Miniature Commando

Mawry Haversack – Miniature Commando

Belthebe the Wizard

A colorized mini of Belthebe the Wizard (who does not publicize the fact that she is also an 8th level Fighter)

The design tool has limited choices – you cannot craft any old whatever you may imagine. But the trade off is that it is very simple to use. There are a lot of options, probably thousands of possible combinations, yet it is no more complicated than the character design screens you have already used when playing almost any modern game with customizable characters.

I find it quite appealing. The website has a striking look, very nicely done, it raises my confidence in the output of their product – anyone who put that much design talent in their website seems likely to be sweating the details throughout the process.

I’ve created four complete models so far, with others planned. This one is my half-elven Wizard/Fighter Belthebe. I colorized the image myself, I was curious how it might look painted. I doubt any painting job I would do would come out this cleanly, but still, it is a really nice-looking mini, and one that completely and accurately captures the character.

Once again, here is the link: Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I ordered one of Tholgrin Stoneforge and one of Uncle Tubbs…. now I just have to actually paint them!

    Although I’m thinking of getting one of the quad-size ones…. but I keep telling myself that I’ll wait and see how the regular sized mini turns out once it’s painted first. Got to make sure I can do it justice 😛

  2. I got Hymm done last December, and my partners rogue main (the company has been around for a while now). The miniature looks great but not *quite* as striking as the 3D mockup

    I am tempted with the quad size version though….

  3. ‘Twould be nice if you could have a cape and a (back) quiver. ‘Twould also be nice if they had more of a ‘ranger’ themed clothing line (though the rogue-ish ones would not be too bad for a ranger). All-in-all, though, they do look nice. Some of the better face features I’ve seen in minis (although, Ral Partha had some really good face features, too, as I recall) – I saw some real ugly ones last time I looked.

    Also – after you equip a hand item (or two), go back and change stances, to see how they would come out. I had double hand crossbows and some of the stances looked pretty cool.

  4. Oh, this looks quite promising, and why didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner???

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