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Better repair requires more dialogue
Okay but you have to ask me nicely

So many things to talk about today, it is a Big News Week in DDO, what with the new state of the game address, another expansion, level cap raise, just lots and lots of news. Too much to address this morning. So instead of a timely discussion of Glin’s statements or Fernando’s defense of them, let’s talk about Desert Item Repair.

A rough segue. But this topic has been bothering me for awhile. Besides, I am hoping to acquire more information about the Big News Week later today or tomorrow: there will be plenty of opportunities to write about it then.

So, about desert item repair. There is a dwarf in Zawabi’s Refuge named Jaidene Forgemaiden. Blonde, mouthy, and full of stories, she is said to have a better chance of repairing your damaged items without causing permanent damage.

I am carefully using the phrase “said to have a better chance” because she has damaged my items, lots of times, and I am skeptical. Perhaps the correct phrase is a “tiny bit better chance”. Or maybe even “no better chance at all she is completely overrated”.

But there are many people who swear by her abilities. Especially back when more of the best items were unbound, it was common to see people heading out to the desert solely to be repaired by the blonde blacksmith.

I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, yes even though she damaged yet another one of my items while I was researching her for this article. I guess I would have had two items damaged if I’d just let the nearest bartender fix me up as I usually do?

I take quite a lot of item damage;  It is a naturally-occurirng side effect of dying so often. There seems to be a correlation between how stupid and unnecessary a death is, versus how much damage occurs to your equipment.

At least in my mind.

There is a trick to using Jaidene. If you just ask her to fix your stuff she instead turfs you out to her apprentices who are no better than anyone else. But if you ask her correctly …

  1. Ask her about the “action” she’s seen: She will randomly select a story to tell you
  2. Ask her to tell you another story. She will randomly select another one from a pool of about five, but I often get the same one over and over
  3. Repeat step 2 twice more, for a total of three times
  4. Only then ask her to replace or repair your equipment

Voila, you are in. For whatever that is worth.

Jaidene is not as popular as she once was because so much of our prized loot is now bound to character, and bound equipment never takes permanent damage.

In fact, that is the only true way to ensure your unbound equipment will not wear away due to permanent damage: bind it to you using a binding ritual at the Stone of Change. Once it is bound it too will become impervious to permanent damage.

Equipment repair
Best leave it to the expert;
storytime blacksmith

So there you go, a quick “how to” on keeping your items daisy fresh, more or less, depending.

Tomorrow and/or Monday we’ll get down and dirty with Glin’s announcement, Fernando’s clarification, and who knows, maybe we’ll even have a Mystery Guest! Or two!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I believe that damage from death can’t permanently damage equipment, unlike damage from “normal wear and tear” which i assume means bashing a kobold’s head in. No idea how they can actually track the difference, but that’s what I’ve read.

  2. As far as I know, this is correct. And by that I mean, I’ve read dev posts and loading screen tips that agree and have seen nothing official stating otherwise. 🙂

    What got me replying, however, is that there are a multitude of ways to track that. The easiest (that came first to my mind, at least) is to have gear have an “invisible” pending perma-damage value as well as the “visible” one already there. When item wear occurs from dying, just leave that value alone. When item wear occurs from use or incoming damage, increment it however you want (RNG’s, percentage, etc.). Then, when you go to repair, the repair algorithm does and pending perma-damage assessment and reacts apropriately (rolls some random numbers to determine if and how much perma-damage will be applied). And like I said, this is just the way that immediately came to mind when thinking about how to track that. 🙂

  3. Of course, the other way to guarantee no item damage on repair of unbound items is to spend astral shards on it – it’s like they WANT us to spend actual money! 🙂

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