Jun 232015

Demonic Guardian Uvulas of Fury

Of all the strange things in the Demon Web, these blobby bits of vaguely waving myconic matter are the strangest.

What are they?

They occur in two places in the quest Trial by Fury, both as guardian barriers, one before an optional chest, the other before the orb that is the quest goal.

Are they supposed to be barriers? If so, they aren’t in any way effective, as demonstrated in the image by Kitalea’s companion MyDogSpot who stands amidst them, unaffected and unperturbed in any way.

Are they supposed to a form of mustache? A pale, fungal, animated blobby mustache?

Animated Demonic Guardian Uvulas of Fury

I think no. To me they look like nothing so much as a pair of sideways uvulas. Guardian uvulas. Of Fury, apparently, judging by their location. Probably demonic too, seeing as how they live in the Demon Web and all, which would make them Demonic Guardian Uvulas of Fury.

I think that must be right.

[Adopting deeply dramatic voice] Beware! Beware! Beware the Demonic Guardian Uvulas of Fury!

Or you could simply step over them as everyone else does, but the dramatic bewaring sounds more fun.

Always remember: “It’ll behoove ya to care for your uvula“!

Words to live by.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Geoff, I’ve heard your Captain Kirk and that tells me there is an MP3 file somewhere just begging to be attached… Ok, maybe you could summon a Water Elemental and gargle for us? 😉

  2. “…sideways uvulas.”

    “I think that must be right.”

    The evidence you’ve presented is overwhelming.

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