Feb 172014

Strongbad Email
Strongbad has mad deleting skillz. Sadly, I do not.

This is going to be the most boring blog post ever. So I will do what I can to at least keep it short: I’ve had to delete about 1500 fake user accounts and I may have accidentally gotten a few real ones.

Maybe even yours.

I tried really hard to identify which are real and which are fake but it is tough; in terms of scripted account login bots, some of them are starting to approach the Turing Test level of believability. With no automated methods at my disposal, I had to eyeball each account and take my best guess. Page after page after page. I think I lost consciousness a couple of times, but the growing pool of drool on my desktop would reawaken me.

So many fake users. So many.
So many fake users. So many. It helps when the real ones stand out.

So … if I got yours, please do not take it personally, just make it again. Note that having a name in the account (as opposed to just listing an email address) helps to make it stand out for the next time I have to do this. So does having a custom icon, or writing comments, or (best of all) becoming a DDOGamer author.

Although I did accidentally delete an author too. Hopefully I’ve fully recovered that one. Sigh.

But for everyone else, no worries, creating a new account is so easy even a script can do it, as they have been several times an hour for the last year and a half.

Spring cleaning. It beats scrubbing blinds and baseboards. Except no, wait, it doesn’t.
🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Cleaning even before spring officially starts!! Way to go Geoff!! Oh man I feel for ya, that has to be tedious, hopefully you can find an easier way to clean out the accounts.

  2. Haha, the question is, what is my password?
    I’m sure I created an account the other year…

  3. you didn’t axe me, did you?

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