May 202015

Bravery? Or foolhardy?
How is it possible that a level 22 character, attempting a level 30 quest, is endangering his bravery streak on completion?

Shouldn’t the level 22 character be getting a super-ultra-mega bravery bonus? He is eight levels under the quest level!

Or maybe it should be a Foolhardy bonus rather than a bravery bonus, but at the very least, some kind of a bonus. It seems odd to penalize such a crazed attempt. Particularly a solo attempt.

What does “bravery” actually mean, if it does not encompass a level 22 character attempting a level 30 quest, solo? What is braver than that?

You keep using that word

In case you were curious, no, Oriental was not able to solo the end fight. Or rather, I ran out of time a couple of hours into the attempt. So the point was moot, no streaks were ended of any type.

But they could have been.

Ah well, brave Oriental, you will get another go. Bravery streaks notwithstanding.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Remember, we get a bonus for ransacking places too… Vandalism is super-heroic!

  2. Interesting thing to notice. Does seem kind of redundant to lose a bravery streak in such an instance.

  3. Perhaps they could add a foolhardy streak.
    (Which for most of those wouldn’t be that foolhardy, but marketing®.)

  4. I have lost my streak several times this way if memory serves, great post.

    This devil advocates; take advantage of work done and repost this post on the premise that Inigo is scratching his hand as though to say; “This need to scale, it gives me a rash but for you I will fight left-handed.” Now talk about how “we” take advantage of enforced scaling(some unknowingly, perhaps) to achieve some quest objectives.

    Now when Inigo says; ” Bravery, I do not think that word means what you think it means.” Well, it takes on a whole different tone.

    Yes, ok, you saw right through me. This is actually another lame attempt to get someone other than me to discuss the Luedwig Toggle. 🙂 We don’t need a fourth difficulty, we(I) need a reason/ability to choose to run a quest un-scaled if ONLY to test/gauge/benchmark our builds through all areas of the game.

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