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Definition of Modern Group in DDo; running solo with friends.

Definition of Modern Group in DDo; running solo with friends.

Intriguing; Is this true? Trolls have a new weapon at their disposal; They can now target an “xp-penalty” to the individual rather than the party as a whole. It works like this: pull aggro to a member of the party who is afk or perhaps simply shrining, have the mobs kill the targeted player. Voila! Target loses XP-bonus. The neat part is that our perp won’t anger their fellow trolls because only the player who died suffers. If he is really clever, no one will be the wiser on what really went down. Most Trolls will simply be annoyed that their fellow nasty got there first. Fun for all, well, except for the guy coming back with his coffee.

I have yet to experience this myself but I know it’s coming. To be honest? I dislike watching a party member die, for any reason, knowing that not only has she lost her xp-bonus but that she bears the loss alone. I know that I screwed up, she doesn’t, they don’t or maybe they do. You die on my watch, my fault, the troll’s fault or the fault of dumb luck it sickens me to think that I don’t share in the cost.

Now why am I dead in the picture above? I mean beyond Karma. Why is the Warlock laughing at me? I mean beyond that I am funny looking. Well, it’s not a long story though by my telling it may seem that it is.

I kissed Raft-girl a promise and the Warlock and I set off into the night. We killed Bash, set his ship to blow and bailed over into the sea. We swam next-door(next-hull?) and slaughtered the crew of the second ship(the middle one) and set it’s timer for two minutes or there-abouts. Events on the third ship, pictured above, proceeded as expected. We boarded her and set to work erasing the crew. Apparently, running up and past the door to the Captain’s quarters is a No-No. Well, it’s a No-No when it coincides with the middle ship, it’s neighbour, blowing up. Mark up one, dead Dwarven Ranger, spinning on a raft. Screenshot and the Warlock both confirm that I still have 20hp. Hmmm, two barbarian past lives?

The Warlock is laughing because life’s a bitch, death’s a bitch, the passive-aggressive, isolationist XP-penalty is a bitch and the Warlock trumps them all.

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Ps. Yes, the ships have names but I believe the DM is a bit of a spoiler here. I think most ships involved in this blockade would at least pretend at incognito. I think security needs an over-haul as well; the crests probably wouldn’t necessarily be left laying around or even on the corresponding ship. Now there’s some fun! Mobs carry them on their person(spot and search skills to reveal and take without killing?). Increase the difficulty without increasing hp, dps and saves. Isn’t this what we’re after?

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  1. I’ve liked the XP change because I don’t feel guilty if I die – I only lose the XP, not my guild mates in the party.

    But the troll method… yeah I hadn’t thought of it before but I could see it happening. Not nice πŸ™

  2. Personally I think this whole story is an example of why I think the change is a good thing πŸ™‚

    You can blow up if you want to – and really, who doesn’t – and no one else suffers. The classic win/win.

  3. It’s your party
    You can die if you want to,
    Die if you want to,
    Die if you want to..
    You would die too
    If this group was with you

    • Your age is showing

      • And as I consider my good feelings for the original(and it’s musical reposte) Thol has me considering a cover… Slow, dark, mist and cloud. Then, from the vinyl 45 in the back of my cranial cavity, I hear Leslie Gore and I’m suddenly Stewie Griffen in a car seat listening to Anne Murray’s “Snowbird” for the first time.
        How’s that for an age reveal? πŸ˜‰

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