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Its true. It really is. Id apologize, but I really dont feel all that apologetic about it.

As anyone who follows my Twitter crap knows, I delved into the MMO market looking for something new to play. Ultimatly, it came down to two choices. 1: Star Wars the Old Republic. 2: World of Warcraft. I spent the ass end of yesterday trying out one and today trying out the other. In the end, I decided which one I was gonna stick with.

And the winner is:

Coming after this story brought to you by Empress Mizzaroo!

As anyone important knows, Shin recently called it quits on DDO. Partly because of the way Turbine keeps breaking things and partly due to a ridiculous amount of lag that makes the game unplayable.

Now, his leaving and his email regarding why he was leaving ended up sticking in my brain because it rang so honestly true. It got me to thinking about ‘Why do I still play DDO? Why do I still contemplate giving Turbine my money when I have some to spare?’ The answer: I dont know. I really dont.

For the longest while I tried to be that fangirl who ignored the crap. It was an easy thing for me to do at first. None of the big bugs in the game were having any affect on me. But then they did. I tried to brush it off with jokes and smiles but it just got to be more and more frustrating.

After getting paid, I had some spare money to have fun with. I suddenly thought: OH! I can get the standard version of the expansion! But then that thought of ‘But why?’ popped up in my head again. The standard version has absolutly nothing I want. The extra character slot? Nice but meh. The 2 Iconic Classes it comes with? Meh. The only Iconic Class I have an interest in is the Rogue one. The Standard one only comes with the Fighter and Paladin Iconics. The Skill Tomes? Double meh. What exactly does Turbine think will change inside the game with the addition of Skill Tomes? XP pots? Meh. Already get those with each new character. Learning Tomes? Again, already get those. 1k Turbine Points? The only remotly interesting thing they have to offer. Period. Which means Id be spending 30 dollars on something for something thats not worth 30 bucks.

So, why do I still play DDO? Well, its fun. I like the character creation. I like to have control over where my characters stats go. I like deciding their fate. I think the quests can be fun. I think the wilderness areas that they (under)developed for us are beautifully made. And I like running weekends with Comic. Thats it though.

What about the other people? Shin quit and my playtimes dont sync with Geoff, Evennote or Lrd. When it comes down to it, the only time Im having fun on DDO is when its a play weekend with Comic. When I play on a weekday, do I have fun? Sure. But its the kind where most of the time Im slouching and generally making my way through DDO like a mindless zombie.

The D&D aspect? I dont care about it. Like Ive said 1000 times before, I dont play D&D. It holds no interest to me. The fact that its inspired pretty much every RPG or every RPG basing things off the D&D way means nadda to me. You know, I still get verbally assaulted in DDO when I admit to people that I dont play D&D? Its a damn bother. If it wasnt for goobers like Geoff and the others of you who Ive gotten to know who do the whole D&D thing, Id think every D&D player in the world was an asshole of some kind.

Overall, I “like” DDO. Im still going to play it. But, Ive found another woman whom I happen to love more. And Im going to continue loving that woman until my 30 day sub ends. As for Turbine, Ive decided they wont get a penny more from me. The reason? The developers dont feel like they give a damn about this game. Its like everyone on the dev staff knows that the only reason WB bought the company was for LotRO and so theyve decided to say fuck it towards DDO until WB decides that keeping it running is a waste of resources and shuts it down leaving only LotRO in their hands.

Id expect there to be bugs in games. They happen. Things get rushed, things get broke, exploits get exploited. Shit happens. That being said, the level of incompetence Turbine has shown in doing things to DDO, since I started playing, is inexcusable. When they fix something, they break something(s) else. When somethings broken, they go out of their way to ‘fix’ something that functioned perfectly. This of course breaks the thing they fixed and leaves the old broken thing broken. As I mentioned in an older blog, the ‘Known Issues’ list keeps growing and growing when they promised us that wed be seeing it shrink. With GMs, Ive had only 1 good response from them and it was on LotRO. They were polite and helpful. The GMs Ive encountered on DDO close my tickets without a response. Make me wait well over two hours. Generally just havent been helpful to me. This all has taken that ‘Im pro Turbine!’ attitude and soured it quite a bit. I want DDO to be better but I dont think thats going to happen with Turbine in charge of it.

Which brings us to the end of our story. With thirty dollars to splurge on an MMO I gave SWtoR and WoW a spin. I dug them both. The race was tight. Real tight. But one gave me an offer I couldnt refuse. The one that won? WoW. Why? Well, it helped that Shin plays it. Sure our gametimes dont Sync(I think), but its still a helpful factor. But ultimatly it was the ‘Epic Summer Sale’ they had. The sale was: Battlechest: $5 Cataclysm: $5 Kun Fu Panda Land: $20. The entire game for 30 dollars. That and the fact that, from my point of view, Blizzard actually appears to give a damn about their products. As such, they are most certainly worthy of my money.

Like I said, Im not leaving DDO, Im just spending time on a better game. While I may not like Turbine, let me make clear: I have absolutly no problems with Tolero or Cordovan. As far as I can tell, theyre both a coupla cool peeps and they genually play and enjoy DDO. Im not gonna be one of those jerks who blasts them simply because theyre the only Turbine employees with spotlights shining on them.

So, Turbine devs, if you read this and feel upset or hurt about anything Ive said, good. Use it as some kind of inspiration to get yourself and your fellow developers to do a better job. Stop telling us all that you work to bring us the “best” game possible and JUST DO IT. If you dont, there will come that point WB shuts DDO down and thats going to leave alot of your player base without any good D&D alternatives.

To the readers, if you managed to survive my blog, I apologize if it came off as rantish. Im a firm believer that people should always speak honestly about everything. Especially about things they feel passionate towards. I love DDO passionatly. I want to see to succeed. But unless some miricale happens and things turn around real soon, I honestly dont feel like DDO is going to be around too much longer.

So, without further ado, I present to you all, my third WoW character, Natalysa the Night Elf Rogue!



Thats all Ive got to say today! So, I hope everyone takes care and has fun!


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PS: If any part of my blog offended you, please alert Geoff Hanna so that he may scold me like the good grampy he is!

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  1. Actually, this didn’t feel rantish at all. You made some very good points, I can’t say I agree with all you have said but it’s important feedback that hopefully will be taken into consideration.

    I wish you lots of fun in WoW and in DDO as well.

  2. 🙁 who got the email from Shin? Cause I haven’t been able to get ahold of him, and it makes me sad.

    My mayor issue with DDO is the lag. They really need to add to their resources, get better servers, better internet connection, what ever. But devs breaking things.. well, that’s close to impossible to avoid. The devs are under pressure to produce stuff, and making small changes in the code can easily affect something else. It happens.

    • For the first part, I dunno.

      The second part, the sheer number of things that break when turbine does an update is beyond excusable. Other mmos don’t have the same issues with updates like turbine appears to.

  3. I play firefall. A free world, non level based mmo from the makers of wow. Unlike traditional mmo’s, the whole world is open from the start. It has a lot of cool elements that will be refined, i am sure. But as for now all i have to say is this: Everyone gets a jetpack. Every. One.

    Of course ddo is still my love.

  4. Hope you have fun with WoW. I used to play it (as an Undead Warlock, buahahahaha) but got a bit bored. Sure I could cannibalize my fallen foes bodies, and do evil deeds and other stuff I couldn’t do in DDO but there is one thing that DDO has that has got me hook, line and sinker: Reincarnation. I’m a one character man, and reincarnation lets me try out all classes and races and builds with one character while making it more powerful.

    • My second character was an undead warrior. It’s fun. But my favorite race in the Warcraft games was always the night elves. So I HAD to make one.

      As for reincarnation in ddo, it holds absolutely no interest to me. Even if I ever manage to reach level cap ill never do it. Ever. I don’t see the point.

  5. *Psst* Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been playing a little Star Trek Online (STO) lately. It’s free-to-play; so if you like ST, you might like it. The basic play is straight-forward enough, but some of the other stuff can be a bit overwhelming, at first.

    • I was actually thinking of checking out Star Trek online when my wow sub dies. Funny funny stuff.

  6. I’ll admit that, lately, I’ve been suffering a little game jealousy.

    Been playing DDO for about 3 years now. The current Other is Neverwinter Online. My guild has created a version of itself on NWO and many people are playing there of late than in DDO, which makes the usual grouping and invites for whatever you’d like to do harder and harder to accomplish. I play solo often, but I’ve become accustomed to the company. That said, I’m a person that’s less attracted to the shock and awe of a new game and more to it’s overall content for characters and environment. The Monk class was what sold me to DDO, full stop. Without a counterpart on NWO, I’ll be waiting.

    Many of my guildies that spend more time on NWO have been on DDO for longer than I, so it’s understandable that they’re doing something new. But our guild is showing cracks in its integrity and I’ll need to step up a little to ensure that a semblance of fun continues. There’s still a few years easy in DDO if WB doesn’t make a mess of it as they do some of their other properties *cough*DC*cough*.

    I have considered creating an all-Monk (or at least 1 Monk level) guild, but I don’t want to go there, yet.

    • An all monk guild would be interesting. But I think it’d be difficult. Then again, I can’t lead a gud so maybe it’d just be difficult for me. Haha

  7. Warcraft is good game but i think after getting used to ddo combat t would be hard to go back to that

    Also the quests are far too boring, collect me 10 wolf hides which has you running in big area killing hundreads of them

    Do hope you can enjoy yourself tho 🙂

    • Haha. The ddo combat is fun. But I like the simplicity of the wow combat. As for the quests, it’s not that much of a bother to me. They’re quick and easy. Just the way I like my cheese.

      Thank you for the well wishes!

  8. Have a glance at The Secret World. You might enjoy that one. I know I have.

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