Dear Pugster

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Dec 122014

Our friend and former guild-mate Pugster hasn’t been playing DDO for about a year. Actually, more than than, time flies! He gives lots of reasons, his softball schedule, his kids, he’s a busy dude! But I think a lot of it has to do with barbarians.

Pug loves his barbarians. He had almost as many alts as I do, but at least half of his were barbarian. When we were doing the completionist thing, every life had some barbarian in it. Or played like it did. If he couldn’t find a way to barbarianize the class he’d just eat up an Otto’s Box and rush through it.

Like I say, loves the barbarian.

Pugster and Mawry take the Completionist feat for the first time
I never would have made Completionist without my friend Pug

He built great ones too, I never figured out how, he had over 1000 points before anyone but could still hit like a wrecking ball. On a halfling. Awesomely good barbarian builds.

Pug likes being the best, or among the best, or at least arguably somewhere near where the best ought to be, and that is something you simply can’t do with a barbarian. For the first five or six years of the game, sure, but not any more. Not since healing became “BYOH” only. Not since Epic Destinies meant anyone could have more than 1000 hit points.

And it’s more than that. The game moved away from melee characters altogether. Those melees that remained were different, very complex to build, very time-consuming to gear, very self-healing, very evasiony, not at all barbarian.

Barbarians went from “yay!” to “meh” and then finally to “oh no a barbarian wants to join, lol look at that noob”.

Β Pugster and a small cloud of personal healers
Pugster and his personal posse of healers

So maybe it was coincidence that Pug stopped playing right about when everyone put away their barbarians once and for all. But maybe not. He is a busy dude.

I miss Pug for lots of reasons. He’s funny, but more, he makes the evening more fun for everyone. I am not the only one that misses him; my Gamer Girl and two other guildies have been waging an active text campaign to try and get him back.

And today, Turbine is helping, in the form of the Update 24 barbarian update. I think Barbarians can be top-shelf again. I think they will be welcome in PUGs again. I think he can be the old Pugster he used to be again.

Now all we have to do is lure him back long enough for him to figure this out for himself.

Come on Pugster, your barbarians await!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Not to mention they are doing this and the same time the are giving the Gold coins out for the Festival just when you think you are out they drag you back in.

  2. at not and

  3. I know the feeling. I miss a number of our older guildies who stopped playing because of one reason or another. I keep trying to lure them back. Good luck!!

  4. Even *I* miss Pugster, and I have only been playing DDO for a year and a half. That is how memorable the Pugster is.

  5. Barbarians got a boost maybe he will come back now?! come on Pug give it another shot.

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