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Dear DDOGamer: What Clickies Work for Fighters?

As you know, DDOGamer is always ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Even texts! Like this one, from a friend who will remain anonymous, but for the sake of this article I will refer to as “Judye”.

A question for DDOGamer

So many issues inherent in this one question! The anonymous texter feels that her fighter is sub-par. Not only poorly kitted, but also, not uber. What an interesting choice of words! “Uber” (from the German über, note the umlaut) is not a simple statement of what a fighter has or has not, but rather, reflects the entire gestalt of the character and (more importantly) the person playing it. Our texter has embedded important aspects of her self-image into this collection of pixels and subroutines.

And that is the heart of the issue; it is not fightery equipment, it is self-doubt. Fight the self-doubt, anonymous texter! You exist, you yearn, you create: you are already good enough! You do not have to strive to be über, anonymous texter, you already are!

Or maybe she just wants a list of clickies.

While I doubt that my fighter Chelena (the World’s Strongest Halfling) has the complete list (perhaps also lacking in über?), she has been playing awhile and has quite the collection. Let’s examine it.

I am ignoring the part of the question that asked by level. All of these are good as soon as you can get them. Most of them remain good throughout the character lifespan, even up into Epics and the end game.

The first list is the traditional clickies, “traditional” in that they are gear-based and refresh when you shrine. Clickies don’t seem to drop on random gear anymore, except in a few end rewards. It would probably take some doing to get all of these today. But totally worthwhile if you can pull it off, all of these are useful to a Fighter. Especially Shield, but all of them have uses. I am listing them in descending order of usefulness, based on how often I click them myself when I am playing my fighter:

  • Shield
  • Rage
  • Solid Fog
  • Haste (only useful until you get a Speed VI item)
  • Detect Secret Doors
  • Bless
  • Grease

Similarly, these clickies are actually named items. All but one of them still drops (maybe you can still find it on the AH?), and all of them are useful to a fighter. I am again listing them in the order of most useful to least useful. Follow the links to see where each one drops.

If you happened to buy the Menace of the Underdark pre-order then you will also want to click your Spider Mask as soon as you finish shrining, every time.

Note I have only listed items that restore at shrines. But other clickies exist with cooldowns rather than charges and you will want these too!

  • Harper Pin, Greater
  • Key to the City of Eveningstar

Also, although you will only want one of the eternal flasks, you definitely do want one. I prefer the Bottomless Flask of Rum or the Eternal Flask of Deathward, since there are other ways to acquire all of the other eternal flasks buffs.

But the most-clicked clickies of all are not really clickies but are instead Enhancements. They have charges, like clickies, and restore at shrines, but you don’t have to loot them. Chelena prefers this list, but others may have even better choices:

  • Haste Boost
  • Power Surge
  • Dragonmarks (of Healing for Chelena, but as pointed out by Comic below will differ for others)
  • Weapon Meditation

The top three are all so useful it is difficult to rank them. I could argue that they are all three tied for each being the most useful Fighter clickies in this entire article.

Finally, there are the “clickies” one can gain from Epic Destinies. While I am certain that other players will have better lists, Chelena’s ED charged clickies are:

  • Healing Spring
  • Action Boost: Unmoveable
  • Action Boost: Thick Skinned

I hope that others will chime in on this topic. Remember, we are not trying to list all of the clickies in the game, but rather, those that a Fighter may find useful.

Can you think of any that I have missed? Or alternately, have I included something you don’t think belongs on this list?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Visor of the flesh render guards – Deathward from Tangle root chain
    Goggles of time sensing? I cant recall the item name for sure.. Haste x3 day drops on cronoscope raid.

    • Also for levels 14-20 any way The Axe of Fammine while not a clickie is great way to cast greater restoration on yourself.

      • Excellent tips! The visor was a major oversight, thanks for bringing it up! The goggles are only useful for a couple of levels since Haste does not stack with Speed and Speed VI is available pretty early. Still a valid tip though. Especially since the anonymous texter wanted clickie tips by level.

        I didn’t even know that the Axe of Famine had Greater Restore. It is not really a clickie is it? More of an on-use effect? Not sure, but regardless, nice input on the topic.


        • Life-Devouring

          Effect: This weapon deprives an enemy of its energy and passes it on to you. When you roll a 20 on an attack, that enemy must make a DC 28 Fortitude save or be subjected to a -6 penalty to all stats. At the same time you will feel your power return, as though Greater Restoration were cast on you.

          Found on: Axe of Famine

  2. I guess it all depends on what your definition of “clickie” is. For me, a “clickie” is anything that requires you to ‘click’ an item from the hotbar. So all tactics would fall into this category, too. Now, personally, I don’t like doing a lot of clicking while in combat (one of these days, I will get a 20-button MMO mouse and then maybe – just maybe – I’ll change my mind), but that’s me.

    Now, since you were talking about your halfling, I did see the dragon mark of healing, but for humans, you can get a heroism and greater heroism clickie from the human EN panel – if you’re willing to spend that many AP in it, of course.

    And I’ll have to check on that spider mask thing, but it’s my understanding that you only need to click it once after (every time) you log in, not after shrining. But I’ve been known to be wrong once or twice before (hehehe).

    As far as equipment, some of that is going to depend on what type of fighter you have. But I do like getting Bloodplate (armor), as it provides “deathblock” at level 8. Blindness immunity goggles (does it come on anything else, other than green steel?) are also nice.

    OH! And Feather Falling. Of course, I recommend that for all classes. And you can Cannith Craft a FF level 1 item, if you can’t find one – or afford the ones on the AH.

  3. I beg to differ that Haste is no longer useful once you get Speed VI – while the 2% move speed difference is largely inconsequential, Speed VI is only a 6% attack speed bonus, while Haste provides a 15%, in addition to a few other (mostly minor) bonuses.

  4. im a fan of nightshield clickies from teh necro amulet turn in armor. Tends to last longer than shield clickies

  5. Not a bad list, I can’t think of anything else to add. I tend to use rage and haste clickies the most.

  6. If your fighter isn’t going the Kensei route, you can also mimic the effects of Power Surge (+8 psionic bonus to Strength for one minute) with the Gloves of Titan’s Grip clicky (+6 psionic bonus to Strength for one minute). On the other hand, if you’re a stumpy going the Throw Your Weight Around path, either way is largely moot… But power surge still looks cool. 😛

  7. I would have asked what type of fighter, damage or defense. Clearly Chelena is damage, the difference can alter choice as defense won’t need the Kensai line as much as the other 2. But yeah great thing about Ddo there are alot ways to play a fighter. Ein-hander, two-weapons, great weapon, archery to me are part of the damage type where shield & weapon is more traditional defense.

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