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Dear DDOGamer: More Charts Please?

DDOGamer is always ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Even ones that aren’t really questions, like this one from astute reader XXX, posted as a comment in the article Fun With Graphs: Named Weapons By Type

Now that you have the data at your finger tips maybe you can make some more charts?
Here are a few ideas:
– One handed, two handed, thrown, ranged
– Power types (caster, melee, ranged)
– Blunt, pierce, slash
– Material
– Racial favorite, Diety favorite
– Fineshable / non-fiseshable
– Number of augment slots: 0, 1, 2 or 3 (I don’t think we have more)
– Augment types: Red, Orange, Yellow or Colorless (I don’t think we have others)

At first glance, there are no relationship questions in XXX’s post. But are there really? Is this message really a cry for help?

Consider the user name, “XXX”: clearly one is seeking to project a value with a strong handle like that, yes? Perhaps looking to appear as a creature of dominant sexuality (X-rated?) or as a creature of sporting or athletic dominance (eXXXtreme to the maXXX!). There can be no doubt that user XXX is intelligent (requesting graphs) even if of somewhat questionable taste (reading DDOGamer). Yet, note the powerful use of bullet points, even in comments which do not easily support bullet points! What confidence! What sass!

I think we can safely conclude that XXX is analytical, a problem solver, and – how do we say it here in this family-oriented setting? – “down with the ladies” (or gentlemen, as the case may be). Because graphs are, at their core, sexy. And like everything else, it all comes down to sexy in the end.

Or in this case, seXXXy.

Meanwhile, back at the graphs, looking at each request individually:

  • Blunt/pierce/slash
  • Damage types are not encoded in Shindoku’s spreadsheet. I could add it by hand, but that would be like … work? … and is beyond the scope of this article. For now anyway.

  • Racial favorite/Deity favorite
  • See Blunt/pierce/slash

  • Material
  • See Blunt/pierce/slash

  • Augments
  • these actually are encoded in the spreadsheet. But I am not clear what to do with the data. Count weapons by augment type? There are also weapons with Purple slots, by the way, although none with Green slots. All of the other slots are represented by several weapons, in various combinations. I am certainly open to ideas but am not finding anything readily graph-able in the augment slot category

  • Power Types
  • Ah hah, now we are getting somewhere. Not a chart, but a table, and that is sort of like a chart, yes?


Weapons with Melee Power

Epic Rift Maker (Great Axe)

Weapons with Ranged Power

Epic Dawnbringer (Shuriken)

Weapons with some sort of Spell Power or another

Really a lot of them

Hmmm. That did not go as well as I had wanted. But there is still hope! XXX also asked for breakdowns by combat style and finesse, and that, astute readers, is eminently graph-able! Let’s warm up with a breakdown of Named Weapons by combat style and by finessability (? is that a word ?):

Named Weapon counts by Combat Style

Count of Named Weapons by combat style


Named Weapon counts by finesse

Count of Named Weapons by finesse category

It is not surprising that one-handed weapons dominate; they are usable in three distinct combat styles (two-weapon fighting, single weapon fighting, sword and board). Also, there are more named finesse weapons than I would have expected; I doubt that anything like that high a percentage of characters are using finesse.

Multiple views of the data often provide clarification. Plus, pie charts are pretty:

Named Weapon counts by style and finesse

Named Weapons by style and finesse category


But how many of each type are epic? And how many are heroic? Combining style, finesse category, and epic/heroic breakdown into a single chart:

Epic and Heroic Named Weapon counts by style and finesse

Named Weapons by style and finesse category

It’s hard to gauge percentages from a graphic like that. What if we just isolated the percentage of epic items by style and finesse category onto their own clear, column chart? Like this:

Epic percentages by style and finesse

Epic Named Weapon Percentages by style and finesse category

Interesting that such a high percentage of throwing weapons are Epic. Probably because an emphasis on the throwing game is a fairly recent development? And most of the recent updates have been epic? Or … nah, not sure. Ask a dev. I only make the charts. You have to interpret them.

Unless of course you are asking for relationship advice too. In that case, DDOGamer has you covered. Thoroughly.

You might even say “smothered”.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. *insert that How I Met Your Mother charts intervention scene here* 🙂

  2. “Interesting that such a high percentage of throwing weapons are Epic.” Actually, the real answer to that is probably hidden in the sentence after it:
    “Probably because an emphasis on the throwing game is a fairly recent development?” In other words, so far there just aren’t all that many thrown named weapons in the game, so its more a case of small numbers giving us this result, although its also true that a lot of newer named items are epic.

  3. Mmmm…pie…*drool*

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