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Dear DDOGamer: Make Me a Fiery Wolf That Punches Things
I feel like I’ve said this before, but just in case, DDOGamer is ready and willing to answer your game-related or relationship questions. Especially the relationship questions. Like this one, from astute DDOGamer reader Wiliam “Godsmaker” Carter:

Hey Geoff. I’m not sure if you remember me but i used to be apart of the Halfling Commandos. I just wanted to let you know that I really love your site, especially the Character Builds.

Of course I remember you godsmaker, how could I forget one with such impeccable taste and faultless judgement?

But I digress. Godsmaker actually wants something:

I was also wondering if you might be able to help me out with an character idea that I came up with a few weeks, throw any tips or pointers you might think could help. Right now the idea is a Druid11/Monk9, mainly a melee build for unarmed and flame damage. As of right now, I’m not sure if ill go wolf or Bear. Any help would be very appreciated if you get the chance.

And again, I love the site, and am very eager to see what you post next. Hope to be able to play with you and everyone else in the guild again some day.

Thanks for your time,

It seems that Godsmaker wants me to make him a fiery animal that punches things.

My, my, William (if I may call you that), while almost everyone occasionally wants to be someone else (or even, as in your case, something else), most of us have come to grips with the fact that we are who we are. Self-improvement book advice notwithstanding, change is hard! Even relatively minor changes like quitting smoking, let alone changing your entire species.

Be comfortable with who you are, William! You are good enough! You are worthy! You don’t need to be anything that you are not already being. Embrace your William-ness!

Oh, wait, unless you mean you just wanted a build. Well. That would be different then.

The drawback with this build is that I have never played anything remotely like it. I have a monk/druid puncher but she is never in animal form. And for that matter, her playtime has been curtailed by the increasing need for PRR which is really hard to get on anything that is monk-centered.

I probably have some very basic flaw here. But then, that is how things work on DDOGamer. I put something together in rickety half-brain fashion and everyone jumps in to tell me what I have done wrong. Hopefully the process results in something decent?

11/9 Druid/Monk
Lawful Neutral Half-Orc

Okay, the build needs fire. And punching. And an animal form. I am choosing to drill down on Wolf form because I see a lot of Winter Wolves running around the end game but never bears. I am assuming they all know something I do not.

               28pt     36pt     Tome     Level Up
               ----     ----     ----     --------
Strength        17       20                4: STR
Dexterity       16       16       +1       8: STR
Constitution    15       15               12: STR
Intelligence     6        6               16: STR
Wisdom          10       10               20: STR
Charisma         6        6               24: STR
                                          28: STR

Although I like to try other ways to get there, the best melee builds are still, and probably always, Strength builds.

Note the DEX tome which must be taken before level 12.

Lack of INT is a problem, we are only going to get two skills, and not even all of those. Hope they are good ones!

          D  M  D  D  M  M  D  D  M  M  D  D  M  M  D  D  M  D  D  M
          1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Concent   4  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  23
Spellcr   4  ½  1  1  ½  ½  1  1  ½  ½  1  1  ½  ½  1  1  ½  1  1  ½  18½
          8  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2  2

Ki will not be a problem with all that Concentration, but I am still expecting Fire Stance both for the constant Ki and the extra STR.

I added as much Spellcraft as I could for fire-punching-based reasons. More on that in the enhancements.

Level Order

1. Druid           6. Monk           11. Druid          16. Druid
2. Monk            7. Druid          12. Druid          17. Monk
3. Druid           8. Druid          13. Monk           18. Druid
4. Druid           9. Monk           14. Monk           19. Druid
5. Monk           10. Monk           15. Druid          20. Monk

Shrug. Starting with Druid gets you better Spellcraft. Otherwise, whatever.

I probably should have finished with a level of Druid to avoid the useless .5 Spellcraft.


 1        : Power Attack
 2 Monk   : Two Weapon Fighting
 3        : Empower Spell
 3 Druid  : Wild Shape 1: Wolf
 5 Monk   : Dodge
 6        : Cleave
 6 Monk   : Path of Harmonious Balance
 8 Druid  : Wild Shape 1: Bear
 9        : Maximize Spell
12        : Improved Two Weapon Fighting
13 Monk   : Mobility
15        : Improved Critical: Bludgeoning
15 Druid  : Wild Shape 2: Winter Wolf
18        : Greater Two Weapon Fighting
19 Druid  : Wild Shape 2: Dire Bear
21 Epic   : Master of Forms
24 Epic   : Overwhelming Critical
26 Destiny: Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
27 Epic   : Grandmaster of Forms
28 Destiny: Elusive Target
29 Destiny: Wind through the Trees
30 Epic   : Master of: Fire
30 Legend : Scion of: Plane of Fire

Fire, more fire, and even more fire. Boy, I sure do hope that the fire-punch damage scales with spell power! I’m not even sure it does! This is what happens when you make a build you have not ever played!

It may be worth shuffling the level order to get Grand Master of Forms earlier.

Also, loading up on the chance to be missed. In lieu of PRR, many layers of miss chance will have to do. Mobility could be dropped altogether, but the dodge seems important to a build that will rely so much on being missed.


   1. Produce Flame, Ram's Might, Faerie Fire, Jump, Entangle
   2. Align Fang, Cure Light Wounds, Fog Cloud, Resist Energy, Fire Trap
   3. Shred, Baiting Bite, Cure Moderate Wounds, Protection from Energy, Quench
   4. Flame Strike, Rising Fury, Harrowing Pack, Enveloping Swarm
   5. Greater Vigor, Wall of Fire, Cure Critical Wounds
   6. Fire Seeds, Fire Shield

Assumes wolf form. Assumes lots of fire spell power.

Enhancements (80 AP)

Nature's Warrior (40 AP)
    • Nature's Warrior, Instinctive Fighting, Instinctive Fighting II
         1. Bestial Nature III, Athletic III
         2. Flight III, Vengeful Hunter III, Double Strike Boost III
         3. Reaving Roar III, Improved Dodge III, Fatal Harrier III
         4. Four Legs Good, Essence of the Shrike II
         5. Alpha Strike III, Wild Healing III, Celerity III, Natural Adept

Half-Orc (19 AP)
    • Orcish Fury, Orcish Strength, Orcish Fury II, Orcish Strength II, Orcish Fury III
         1. (none)
         2. Extra Action Boost III, Orcish Rage
         3. Improved Power Attack II

Henshin Mystic (18 AP)
    • Riddle of Fire
         1. All-Consuming Flame, Way of the: Elegant Crane
         2. Eagle Claw Attack, Contemplation III
         3. Lighting the Candle III, Strength

Harper Agent (3 AP)
    • Agent of Good I
         1. Harper Enchantment

There are more action boosts than I like, especially on a monk who already has a very busy set of hot bars. But it is what it is.

Just as we all are, William, all of us. We are all what we are.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I love Drunk builds, and no dumb questions today 😀
    (Truth be told, I read the intro, then didn’t read the build, my brain and builds don’t mix so I can’t read them 🙁 …)

  2. the fire finisher is affected by spellpower
    what about 3 EK for eldritch blade (flame) and eldritch strike (big force and fire AoE boom?) you also get some defensive buffs out of it

  3. If you try to squeeze in 2 more levels of fighter, you could get 25 PRR/MRR to 40 PRR (temp).
    i.e. instead of 11 Druid/9 Monk, do 9 Druid/9 Monk/2 Fighter
    Also Divine Epic Past Lives can grant a total of 27 PRR. (if you do all 9)

    As a fighter, you can also use non-metal tower shield (e.g. Epic Stone Wall or Skyvault) for more PRR; and use another bonus feat for Great Cleave. I see that you have Cleave already… so that would do more there…

    If breathing fire as a wolf, why not name this build, “white hell hound” ;?

    Level Order/Feats
    Level Class Standard/Epic Feats M/F/Human Feats
    1 Druid Empower Healing Spell Power Attack
    2 Druid
    3 Druid Cleave
    4 Druid
    5 Druid
    6 Druid Great Cleave
    7 Druid
    8 Druid
    9 Druid Natural Fighting
    10 Monk Stunning Fist
    11 Monk Two weapon fighting
    12 Monk Improved Critical: Bludgeoning Path of Harmonious Balance
    13 Monk
    14 Monk
    15 Monk Master of Forms Dodge
    16 Monk
    17 Monk
    18 Monk Natural Fighting
    19 Fighter I Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    20 Fighter Greater Two Weapon Fighting
    21 Epic Overwhelming Critical
    22 Epic
    23 Epic
    24 Epic Natural Fighting (+18% double strike now)
    25 Epic
    26 Epic Perfect Two Weapon Fighting
    27 Blinding Speed (assuming you don’t have access to haste and like always being hasted)
    28 Destiny: Tactician
    29 Destiny: Wind through the Trees
    30 Epic Damage Reduction
    30 Legend : Scion of: Plane of Fire

  4. or do Dire Charge instead of Wind through the Trees.

  5. Some minor things about the build:
    With the low Wis, Faerie Fire will be completely useless, doubly so as it has a reflex save. Take Down would be better in that slot. Entangle will be equally useless do to the low dc. I’d recommend Magic Fang instead, even though it would only get to +3 total bonus.
    Level 3 spells, Shred is Bear and Dire Bear only, does not work for Wolf. While it’s not a fire spell, Call Lightning might work better there as a cheap, heavy hitting ranged attack.
    Level 4 spells, Rising Fury has the same issue as Shred, Bear/DB only. FoM would be more useful here.

    I’m not sure if you get offhand weapon benefits while in wolf form, regardless of how much 2 weap fighting you have. I’d recommend moving Master of Forms down to where you have 2wf, and GMoF down to where MoF is at, leave the 2wf feats for later if at all.

  6. Won’t work, has a section that says that TWF will not work in animal form, natural fighting is the correct feat to take, imho.

  7. Thank you all for the input. Hope you find this helpful, godsmaker!

  8. I do not think the lvl 30 feat Master of Fire will help a druid/monk build:

    Master of Fire Passive Your Burning Hands, Scorch, and Fireball spells gain +10 to their maximum caster level. Grants +140 maximum Spell Points.

    • Sorry for the delay in posting this … the auto-spam filter caught it up and I didn’t notice. 🙁

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