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Dear DDOGamer

This question came up early in the week so I’ve had a couple of days to think about it. Here is the link to the original build, and here are some notes on how to play it. The Enhancements pass was actually very good to this build; it will play significantly better than it did for me back in the day.

I want to warn the world – again! – that the Evasion Battlecleric is not a build for everyone, especially if you want to PUG a lot. You need to really want to play it, and have a bit of a thick skin as well.

But with that said, here goes:


The biggest change is that the build now needs three levels of Rogue; it changes from Cleric18/Rogue2 to Cleric17/Rogue3




The original skill list lacks Heal but you are definitely going to want that as well as Spellcraft. You can already take Heal in addition to Concentration on every Cleric level, but do whatever you can to beg/borrow/steal a +2 INT tome and use that extra skill point to take Spellcraft on every Cleric level as well.

If an INT tome is out of the question and you have to choose, Heal > Spellcraft for this build.


Drop Toughness, not because you don’t want the hit points but because Toughness doesn’t work the way it used to. Replace with Extend.

Leveling Plan

Rogue at level 1, 4, and 8. Cleric at every other level. All Attribute level-ups go into Dexterity.


This is a big change. Drop everything that was there before and instead take:

  • Halfling Luck
  • Halfling Dexterity
  • Halfling Luck
  • Halfling Dexterity
  • Halfling Luck
  • Assassin Knife in the Darkness
  • Assassin Shiv (x3)
  • Assassin Poison (Ice Chill)
  • Assassin Dagger in the Back
  • Radiant Servant Healing Domain
  • Radiant Servant Altruism (x3)
  • Radiant Servant Extra Turning (x3)
  • Radiant Servant Efficient Empower Healing (X3)
  • Radiant Servant Pacifism
  • Radiant Servant Improved Turning (x3)
  • Radiant Servant Wisdom
  • Radiant Servant Passive Energy Burst
  • Radiant Servant Unyielding Sovereignty
  • Radiant Servant Intense Healing (x3)
  • Radiant Servant Endless Turning (x3)
  • Radiant Servant Wisdom
  • Radiant Servant Improved Empower Healing
  • Radiant Servant Positive Energy Aura
  • Warpriest Smite Foe
  • Warpriest Toughness (x3)
  • Warpriest Divine Might (x3)

By now you will have spent only 51 points of your enhancements. You have 29 left, which you should distribute according to how you intend to play the character:

  1. If the character will be front line melee, invest in the Warpriest enhancements
  2. If the character will be more of an off-DPS, invest in Assassin enhancements and Halfling Guile
  3. If you want to add zing to your cometfalls and blade barriers, invest in Divine Disciple
  4. Or you can continue in the Radiant Servant line (Incredible Healing, Cure Focus, etc)

I wish all of this had been available back when I was playing this build myself. Dexterity modifier adding to Damage is hugely helpful, a real game-changer. It might even make this build viable in the end game, although as far as I know, only archers and casters are truly welcomed right now into end game PUGs.

Bah. People are short-sighted. This build can deal plenty of damage and the steady healing tick-tick-tick of your Radiant Servant Positive Enery Aura will be particularly awesome in your typical end game party where everyone has lots of healing amplification.

Next time you should ask Dear DDOGamer something more difficult. Like relationship advice.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Dear ddogamer,

    When how do I get my lovely to make me more waffles?

    • Make her favorite breakfast this weekend.

      If she still doesn’t get the hint, tell her sometime (when neither of you are stressed and not already discussing relationship issues) that a warm waffle breakfast makes you feel special.

      And keep making her breakfast every now and then too because, well, because you can, and because she is lovely …

    • I need a way to have people make or bring me waffles! 😀

      Perhaps some sort of Waffle-Tax®?

  2. Why Divine Might on a dex focused build?

    • Because in ny head I confused it with Divine Power, which gives this build +5 to hit at level 20.

      Good catch, and thanks! This build does not benefit from Divine Might.

  3. Never heard of “off-DPS” before … coincidentally I made a TWF Warpriest the other week, unfortunately neither halfling nor evasion/rogue thing (oh, and as an Adventurer build, should be interesting).

  4. Shiv and ice chill but no poisoned blades?

  5. Definitely an interesting build and it looks fun!! 🙂

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