Apr 232015

Dear DDOGamer: How do I build a Halfling Thrower?

One of my favorite things about hosting this blog is that sometimes, I get mail! And not just offers to enlarge my penis, or breasts, but actual honest-to-goodness mail that is not even spam at all.

Like this lovely missive from Gwen Morse:

I’d be interested in seeing what you could do as far as building a halfling shuricannon that can fall back to quarterstaffs. Pure Rogue, Pure Monk, or any split between the two. Situation: I have a dedicated halfling char that has built up a large collection of staffs. I’m very very tempted by shuriken-throwing, but I don’t want to negate her years of staff farming.

Why yes, Gwen, that is exactly the kind of thing we like to do here on DDOGamer. I throw together something, and then everyone else chimes in to tell me how wrong I am and how to do it better. In the end you’ll likely end up with some solid ideas.

So let’s get started!

The best throwers are monks. The best quarterstaffers (? is that a word ?) are rogues. So I am thinking Monk/Rogue, probably Monk17/Rogue3 so you get the Stick Fighting enhancement, but let’s see how everything else pans out.

You also have to decide between a STR build and a DEX build. STR-wise, you’d need to take the Brutal Throw feat to add STR damage to your thrown attacks. DEX-wise, since you are a halfling, you can use the Skillful Thrower enhancement to add DEX damage to your thrown attacks.

The build could go either way; STR or DEX. I imagine the the best possible DPS would involve STR simply because there are more stackable ways to bump one’s STR such as Rage. An edge, but not an overwhelming one. Meanwhile, you can save a feat if you go DEX. And this build is going to need a lot of feats. Plus halflings get a DEX bonus, and there are all-but-free DEX enhancements in the halfling enhancement tree.

DEX it is. I note that the original Shuricannon build is a DEX build so maybe we are doing something right. Here is a 32-point version:

DEX 18
CON 16
WIS 16

All level-up stat bonuses are applied to DEX.

For skills, the only one that is required is Concentration. You can afford to build up two more, and I suggest Balance and Jump; Monks are so physical! With an INT tome you can afford another, I like Spot to see hidden foes. But that’s just me.

Feats are the meat of this build

  • Point Blank Shot
  • Quick Draw
  • Rapid Shot
  • Precise Shot
  • Improved Critical: Thrown Weapons
  • Improved Precise Shot
  • Grand Master of Forms

Monk Feats

  • Fists of Light
  • Shuriken Expertise
  • Precision
  • 10000 Stars

You follow the light side (Fists of Light); you will self-heal by hitting people.

I am trusting that those who play throwers now will be better at this than I, as I do not have a thrower. But I am pretty sure you want to include these five enhancement trees:

  • Halfling: Skillful Thrower. Master Thrower. All of the DEX boosts. All of the sneak attacks
  • Harper: Agent of Good 1. Toughness x3. DEX. Know the Angles x3
  • Thief-Acrobat: Staff Control. Staff Training 1 and 2. Thief Acrobatics x3. Haste Boost x3. Stick Fighting
  • Assassin: Venomed Blades. More sneak attack boosts
  • Ninja-Spy: Shadow Veil. Even more sneak attacks. Sting of the Ninja

Your poisons will have a synergistic effect. Also, note how you can really load up on the sneak attacks between the halfling, ninja spy and assassin trees. With all that sneak attack damage, I think you are definitely going to want to have a Deception item in your off hand.

So there you go Gwen Morse, a blueprint to level 20. I trust that if I am totally off base here, an astute reader will jump in to provide direction. But I suspect not, this strikes me as a pretty solid build, one that might even compete with the original Shuricannon.

Except this one has sticks too. And ought to be very fun to play.

Please let us know how it goes!

๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. Looking at this build, it turned out better than I had thought. Now I want one too! Because what I definitely need is one more alt.

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  1. That’s pretty much what my Accidental Shuricannon looks like. The only major glaring difference is Dodge instead of Precision as well as all the halfling dodge bonuses.. halfling Shuricannons can be squishy little Vulcan cannons of death!

    It should be noted that within the Thief-Acrobat line, you can get DEX to hit and to damage with a quarterstaff, which pretty much makes a STR-based thrower/sticker kind of lackluster. You want your DEX cranked to scientifically retarded levels on a Shuricannon to max out Shuriken Expertise.

    Although, I will also say that I wound up using a +3 Heart of Wood and getting rid of my rogue levels on my halfling thrower. The monk Ninja Spy capstone (another free layer of Shuriken Expertise that stacks) , increased speed, and added passive defenses for Monk 20 as a class totally outweighed the rogue levels.

    • See? Told you. More good ideas.

      Re the STR thing: note that one already gets STR to attack and damage without any enhancement. Thus an 18/2 split becomes possible, meaning Grandmaster of Forms is free. But then you need Brutal Throw, so it’s a wash.

      Yet I went DEX too, for all the reasons you mention, so really I am kind of arguing with myself here

      • The short story is “Shuricannons are awesome.”

        My stick monk flattened everything in Heroic.. on Epic? Not so much. I think building for both as a Dex-based build will help ease the transition into Epic play, where the stickmonk’s ability to knock everything into oblivion takes a sudden, screeching halt, while ranged remains completely viable (and very deadly). At least, that was my experience!

  2. “Quarterstaff-ers” may be correct, but (and someone had to point it out, so it might as well be me – hehehe) the plural of “staff” (as in “stick”, not “a group of advisers” or “that upon which music is written”) is “staves” and the plural of “quarterstaff” is “quarterstaves”. Now, I’m sure someone else will point out that “staffs” is an acceptable form (after all, it is listed in the dictionary), but that does not make it correct (kind of like “ain’t” – it ain’t proper or correct, but it’s still in the dictionary).

    Besides, I would counter-point out that “staves” is listed before “staffs”, which means it is the preferred pronunciation.

    {I know, I know – everyone loves the grammar police (hehehe). Which is, of course, one reason I do it (Bwahahaha!). That, and “the more you know…”}

  3. As far as the build goes, I personally like a little more INT (but that’s me), so I *might* consider dropping a point or 2 of KHAN!!!!, (oops – I mean, CON) and/or possibly 1 point of DEX (sacrilege!) and put them in INT. Of course, you could use them to bump WIS, too (since I understand monks kind of like WIS, for some reason).

  4. With the newest updates to rogues, a 15 Monk / 5 Rogue split becomes pretty awesome. If you go with the mechanic line, you can get up to +7 attack and damage with shurikens, or if you go with the acrobat line, you can get +9 hit and damage with sticks, as well as a perma +1 crit range and multiplier with sticks. That being said, you’d miss out on the ninja spy capstone. So, if it were me, I’d either go pure monk or 15 monk / 5 rogue.

    That being said, the guy who wrote that Ninja Spy capstone is “another free layer of Shuriken Expertise that stacks”, was sadly mistaken. It is powerful, but not that powerful. It’s a crit range enhancement of +2, plus adding vorpal. The halfling Master Thrower is an enhancement of +1, and they don’t stack, so in my opinion, the rogue split offers much more versatility than the +1 crit range increase.

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