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DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide to Emotes (Sigh to Yes)
Emote (ih-MOHT): to express emotion in a very dramatic or obvious way

DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide To Emotes


A full-body facepalm, the character is wracked by disbelief.

I thought there was an audio component, but apparently not. Or my volumes are off again.

Full illustration here.


The character folds down and sits, legs extended. Even if one /Sits while in a chair, the legs remain sticking straight out.

This emote has different variations by race and gender. In this case, the differences are minor, but they are there.

Like /Dance or /Sleep, this emote remains in effect until you do something else to end it (I Jump in the attached illustration). Interestingly, you cannot chain these emotes together; if you are /Sitting, the character will ignore /Dance. You have to actually get up and move between these emotes.

Full illustration here.


The character drops to the ground falls asleep. This is the same animation that is used when an enemy caster casts the Sleep spell on your character, but the spell version emits a cloud of floating Z’s while the emote version does not.

This emote remains in effect until you move or do something else to end it.

This emote differs by race. Warforged have a particularly dramatic /Sleep where they simply go rigid, in effect planking on whatever surface contains them, no matter how precarious.

Full illustration here.


A glowing hand appears in the air over the character, contained in a hexagon that is not the internationally-recognized octagonal shape of a STOP sign, but still manages to communicate the same concept: Stop!

This emote stays in effect for about a minute before the stop-sign hand disappears, even if you take no further actions.

Full illustration here.


The character performs a series of motions that are designed to enflame and enrage their target; the pantomime equivalent of “nah nah boo boo you can’t catch me”.

A simple finger would have served the same effect but would also be (one assumes) less family friendly. And less amusing.

This emote varies by the race performing it.

Full illustration here.


The character folds his or her arms across her/his chest and impatiently taps his/her foot.

Full illustration here.


The character cheerfully greets everyone, or a specific target if the character had one in focus when beginning the emote.

Full illustration here.


A much more emphatic affirmative gesture than /Nod, the character clearly understands and is in agreement.

Full illustration here.

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  1. I took my one WF and planked it on the airship plank. Love it.

    I like the Drow sleep. They technically don’t sleep so the female just sits down, legs under lap, in a rather serene meditative pose.

  2. Never seen the stop one before. Learn new things every day.

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