Apr 222014

DDOGamer's Illustrated Guide to Emotes (No to Show)
Feelings … nothing more than … feelings

DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide To Emotes


noThe character wishes to disagree, visibly. Not as expansive an emote as /Shakehead.

Full illustration here.


A subtle incline of the head. Agreeing, but not overly enthusiastic about it.

Full illustration here.


There it is, over there! Especially useful for pointing out the control box that the rogue has uncovered but can’t seem to find to disarm.

Full illustration here.


pokePoking someone over and over is a sure way to make new friends.

Full illustration here.


runawayMonster a little too monstrous? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Run away!

Full illustration here.


saluteThe character stands to attention and fires off a snappy salute.

Full illustration here.


shakeheadNo, not interested, not even slightly. A bigger “no” than /No.

Full illustration here.


The character puts his or her weapons away. Interestingly, if the character blocks, they will perform the blocking motion that is appropriate for their equipped weapons, even though they are not actually equipped.

Full illustration here.


showThe character holds forth whatever is in her right hand. But only that which is in her right hand, the left is completely left out.

Full illustration here.

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  1. Apparently you forgot to fill in the actual descriptions… they all a happy give a yelp and jumps about in excitement.

  2. “The character gives a happy yelp and jumps about in excitement.”

    That’s a lot of excitement 🙂

    I just kid. Great job on the emotes.

  3. I may have published prematurely. Look again 🙂

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