Apr 182014

DDOGamer's Illustrated Guide to Emotes (Eat to LFH)
So illogical. Yet, so right.

DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide To Emotes


eatAnother emote with no audio component, the character pantomimes holding something up to his or her mouth and spooning out of it. Except there isn’t really anything in his or her hands.

Kind of a weird emote; there should be actual food. But no, the character is busily eating nothing.

Full illustration here.


flexA muscleman pose, the character silently stretches and flexes, showing her or his fit form to maximum advantage.

Full illustration here.


gatherSimilar to the Beckon emote, but bigger and wider. Your character wants everyone – everyone! – to run over to him or her. Maybe for /hugs?

Full illustration here.


grovelYet another emote that Commandos never use, your character drops to her knees and begs someone unseen for something.

Okay, one exception to the no-Commando rule: I could imagine a Commando using this to get out of the doghouse with his or her romantic partner. But only if no one else is around to see it!

Full illustration here.


hugWho doesn’t love a hug? One problem though, the hug is so small and constrained that even if you are standing directly in front of your hugging target, you end up really only hugging air. Your emote text emphasizes this if you execute the emote without a target:

(Emote): You hug the air.

An air hug. You should probably make air quotes around that.

Full illustration here.


kissYour character gallantly blows a kiss to someone. No actual kissing, just the kiss-your-hand-and-waive-it kind of kiss.

In other words, an air kiss. I am detecting a trend.

Full illustration here.


kneelKneeling is not done abjectly (that would be /grovel). There is nothing demeaning about /kneel, this is not “Kneel before Zod”, but rather simply taking a knee in comfort. As one would during football practice.

Like /Dance and /Dance2, /Kneel continues until you stop it by doing something else. I used Jump to get Brymn out of the kneeling position in the linked GIF.

Full illustration here.


laughThe character throws out his or her chest and lets out a hearty laugh. This emote is visual and audio, and the audio differs for each race. In the case of halflings, it is less of a hearty laugh and more of a creepy chirp, becoming especially creepy if you execute the emote over and over.

Full illustration here.


LFB and LFHThe character crouches and looks about, fore and aft, side to side, searching for something, but what?

In the case of LFH, the target is indicated by a ham, floating over the character’s head in a cartoonish thought balloon.

In the case of LFB, the cartoonish thought balloon is filled with a cartoonish broccoli. This is why.

Full LFB illustration here.
Full LFH illustration here.

Monday… even more emotes!

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  1. Is it OK to pray to the loot gods with /grovel, before opening chests?

  2. You are bigger than that my friend! /Salute them, /Bow in respect, /Nod in deference. But never /Grovel

  3. Actually, I’m fairly sure that the Broccoli is a reference to the old Broccoli or Beholder adds… I was under the impression that it was mocking another game that actually used broccoli as an enemy, thus the face on the vegetable.

    I can’t remember the game it was mocking, but here’s the ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhIMu60Zab0

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