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DDOGamer's Illustrated Guide to Emotes (Cheer to Dance2)
Emotions in motion

DDOGamer’s Illustrated Guide To Emotes


CheerThe character gives a happy yelp and jumps about in excitement.

Not to be confused with the famous Half-Elf lady dance, because that is a whole other thing.

Full illustration here.


Cheer2The character provides a vigorous round of applause, clearly in favor of whatever it was that just happened.

Full illustration here.


clapNot quite so hearty a manouver as Cheer2, yet still, a polite way to express approval to a fellow character or event.

Full illustration here.


cowerAnother emote that Commandos never do, Cower commands the character to abase him or herself in apparent abject fear, resigned to whatever fate may befall him or her.

Full illustration here.


cryOvercome with sadness, the character can only lean over and weep into her own sad, sad hands. So sad.

Full illustration here.


DanceDance and Dance2 are the most elaborate of emotes, with strikingly different versions for each race and often, for each gender within each race.

Once you are /Dancing, you remain /Dancing until you move or perform another action.

I am going to try and compile examples of each Dance, but not today, I am out of time.

Full illustration here.


dance2See Dance, except different, most of the wilder dance moves are captured in Dance2. It is like the developers did Dance because they had to, but then added Dance2 because they wanted to.

I am going to try and compile examples of each dance2 as well.

Full illustration here.

More tomorrow.
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  1. Most exotic DANCE2: the female Drow. So beautiful and sensuous. The half-elf female dances are rather…um…perky.

  2. When do we get /dance3?

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