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It began innocently enough; a well-meaning listener with a request for DDOCast transcripts. Patrick, with the support of Cordovan, shed the sad-light of reality on the idea but over here, at end of the sewer, the kettle continued to perk.

Fred has met his match.

Fred has met his match.

Rendering the fat from lines of thought and memory requires a very special set of talents. Rendering the fat from what remains of a dead adventurer unhinged, is a task unto itself and Stormreach must come to terms with the hard fact that; unfortunately, even Fred has his limits. The image above is as close as we will ever come to the mysterious “missing first-page” of the DDOCast 415, Bait H’oven Transcript. Aka the H’oven15.

Luedwig is living his latest loop around the neck of resurrections. On paper it washes out as his third Ranger life. In reality he is living the slow pudding of no bb or xp bonus’. He is the Defender of Boxes, Barrels and Crates! The decision to live a Life rather than a set of numbers is not unprecedented; many others have taken on similar responsibilities: Tactics, paragraph 8. So is born: Luedwig, Ranger/Container Man/Stenographer. At least that was the plan; it went pretty good for 8-pages, but then at 14:27 of the broadcast, his trainer suggested time-indexing, spell-checking and PDFs; well, that’s when the lightning came off the rails. Only seven of the eight pages rumoured to exist are ever found.

...and now lost in some far-off research facility, the transcript for DDOCast 415 languishes all but forgotten.

…and now lost in some far-off research facility, the transcript for DDOCast 415 languishes all but forgotten.

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Combat: You were killed by Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

PS. Somewhere on a nameless gravestone: We have been told, led to believe, grown up with an understanding that: There are no Stupid Questions. Ideas are; however, an entirely different monster.

This may bring you a crack or two closer; it may not.

PPS. why does Fahrenheit 451… eh, probably nothing.

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  1. I would love to read the transcript. I had no idea anyone actually was transcripting them. Have you done others too or just this one?

    In case anyone is curious, here is a link to the DDOCast itself http://www.ddocast.com/2016/01/ddocast-415-ddo-debates-endgame-with-special-guest-vargouille/

    • Only this one lol. I honestly meant to do 30 mins but ran out time early on. The eight pages here were all done on coffee breaks “behind the wheel”. 30 words a minute just won’t get it done 😉

      On another note, I have considered hammering out twenty minutes and then handing it forward; tag, you’re it! Lol

      Mavis Kobolds, our Beacons of Light… Unite!

      Thank you for posting the link. I dropped the ball on that one.

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