Apr 192016

DDOCast - A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOCast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

You would think they would learn but apparently they do not, and there I was, invited back to DDOCast again.

This time it was for debates, on a variety of topics that, as it turned out, were really not all that debatable. For the most part everyone agreed on everything!

So agreeable! So non-debatey!

But also, so listenable and even (mildly) informative! Not the parts where I was talking, of course, but never fear, my contribution is a very small percentage of the total. You can just fast forward to the good stuff.

DDOCast 426 – the least debated set of debates EVAR!

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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