May 122014

DDOCast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

Another exciting episode of DDOCast is upon us!

Well, I supposed exciting may be overdoing it. After all it is a handful of DDO gamer nerds (Shamgar, myself, and Voodu Spice the leader of the High Lords of Malkier guild on Sarlona) talking about DDO. But we do so in such an entertaining fashion. And informative too!

DDOCast 335: entertaining and informative. Both.

In this case the entertainment largely comes in the form of a spirited discussion of Update 22 and especially the Single Weapon Fighting feat, Swashbuckler enhancement tree, and the guild airship re-architecture.

Meanwhile the information is the comprehensive many-minutes-long discussion of the Augment system where every possible aspect is covered from every possible angle. Thorough, and informative, although probably not as entertaining as the Update 22 stuff.

Nonetheless, completely worth the 90 minutes or so you’ll need to hear it all. So get listening!

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  1. Is thur gunna be a written summary about the update too or I haz tuh listen? Meeza jus cureeus.

  2. I haven’t caught up on DDOCast is so long, Bob is slack.

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