Feb 172014

Talking Inventory Management
Inventory is never fun. DDO brings even less fun to inventory than one might expect to find in a modern computer RPG, featuring no account-wide search, no character-wide actions, and too many clicks to do anything.

But that doesn’t mean there are no ways to make it a bit easier, there are, and in DDOCast episode 324 Patrick and I talk about all of them. Or at least, all of the ones we know. Lots and lots of inventory management tips and tricks, designed to moderate the pain of playing inventory as much as possible.

Of course the show covers other topics, DDO news, Update 21 previews and epic items, and a brief discussion about last week’s Turbine layoffs.

Inventory as far as the eye can see
As far as the eye can see!

But mainly, inventory. And it is not as dreadful as that sounds, or at least, it wasn’t when we were talking about it; listening might be something else altogether. Even so, I imagine that the most veteran player will pick up one or two useful bits of knowledge as a reward for slogging through the whole thing.

So go already. Listen to DDOCast Episode 324. And let me know of any inventory management tricks we missed in the comments below.

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  1. I miss … – sorry couldn’t find it :-p

  2. A timely topic. If there is one thing that takes the fun out of DDO for me, it’s inventory management. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I never know when these darn things are aired… It used to be quite random … they’d say things like every other Sunday at X o’clock, but then they’d change their minds. Oh, and the old YouTube/IRC embedded page was for the win!

  4. PS, I find inventory management entertaining, finding things that you forgot you had or never even knew you had e.g. level 28 carrying around your Korthos FF cloak, when you have Boots of Propulsion…

  5. If you think DDO is bad at inventory management, you should see NWO…

  6. Same here. I hate to have to play inventory to be allowed to play DDO just a little bit. my solution so far: instead of buying one extra bag, buy a new character slot. With no extra work, you get 1 bank and 3 character bags, and if you Crete it as a bladeforged sorcerer or an equivalent iconic char, it doesn’t take very long to get all 6 character bags and 3 bank bags. A much better deal than having to purchase all of that with TP at almost 600 a bag

    • Ah… Forgot. The “not long” is only a couples of hours farming coin lords and kundarak favor. Mostly low level quests you”ll be stomping over with a freshly created iconic

    • Whenever I’ve thought about making a bank or favour character if never works out that way, it’s far more interesting to play characters you’ve made, than have them just holding gear 😉

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