Dec 302013

DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

Once again the siren-like lure of DDOCast has called to me, as I and Steiner-Davion guest on DDOCast episode 317.

As always, the show included the usual suspects of DDO news and commentary, but then we got down to serious business: all of the different weapon systems in the game. This is a topic I touched on two weeks ago, albeit in a general loot focus rather than narrowing down on weapons. DDOGamer contributor Izaak had it in mind too.

I wanted to get back to the topic and rank the various ways there are to get weapons by useful level range and acquisition method. A big subject, but one that was forefront in my mind when Patrick asked if I had any ideas for show topics. I did, I did indeed.

As it turned out, the subject may gave been too long for a single DDOCast. We rushed through a couple of the systems and still went about two hours.

But if you were ever curious about any of the weapon systems in DDO, from random loot generation to alchemical to … well … just listen to the DDOCast. More weapons systems than most of us probably realized even existed, all discussed in some detail with specific call-out of standout weapons.

Thanks Tim! And especially, thanks Patrick for having me back on the show! Good times!

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  1. ha, ive resigned myself to the fact that when i host the show, the topics are going to be interesting enough to talk at length about! And 1.5-2 hours is just going to be my natural show length…i havent found many people complaining…

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