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DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

Anne and Sig host their next-to-last DDOCast and make it one of the better shows. With plenty of news about the new expansion pack and new enhancements there is much to discuss, not to mention Lightning Post and (of course) the live podcast this Friday from GenCon.

It’s a full show, including not just Anne & Sig but also Patrick, the upcoming host of the new DDOCast. I make my usual appearance too, also my second-to-last as co-host.

Totally worth 75 minutes of your time. Totally.

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  1. Hey Geoff, very simple, very effective build for a tank:

    Dwarven Paladin Siberys Defender build:


    Max out CON, Shield Mastery, Improved Shield Mastery and Toughness.

    Gear up with GS and Medium Guild Slots and take all the Toughness enhancements you can get.

    Static 1606 HP without temporary hit points
    154 AC gives 78% miss chance
    Dwarven Armour Master and a crafted Feat:Mobility item allows 7% Dodge
    Bracers of the Wind gives permanent 20% Blur and 4% of your Dodge
    Unyielding Sovereignty, Cure Serious Wounds and up to 7 Lay on Hands for your self-healnig
    149 PRR gives 50.46% damage reduction.

    I did this on one of Quijonn’s lifes just for a laugh, for a proper tank you still want IC:Slashing for your daxe. Most of this gear was crafted, so when you can use the next tier up of heavy plate, you just buy one from the AH, strip it down to what you want and slap it on. Had so much fun with this that a slightly more DPS variation was a serious contender for my 40th life.

    It’s not a halfling πŸ™‚ but it drinks like a fish and slaps dragons for fun πŸ™‚

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