Jun 242013

DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOcast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

It is a marathon podcast this week, that is if two hours counts as a marathon. Which it should. Two full hours!

But the point is not the length, it is the content: the podcast is packed full of DDO goodness including game news, Turbine developer announcements and postings, and of course Reincarnation, everyone’s favorite topic-du-jour.

Even with all that, there’s still time for a full-on crunchy bits-style discussion of the collectibles system(s).

Join Anne, Sig, myself (yes, sorry, I am there yet again, but I am pretty easy to ignore) and special guest Shamgar as we cover all this and more.


Only the raw podcast is available as I write this, show notes and MP3 version will (one can safely trust) follow shortly.

More! Did I mention there was more?

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What do you think?

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