Jun 172013

DDOCast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!
DDOCast – A DDO Podcast for Fans by Fans!

DDOCast 289 is available for your downloading and viewing pleasure. It is not yet available for your listening only pleasure, or your show-notes reading pleasure, although it will be shortly, Anne is amazingly efficient like that.

This episode centers on the new Epic reincarnation discussion. And by “centers on”, I mean obsessively deconstructs everything about the new idea, warts and all. And yes, there are warts, and yes, we discuss them obsessively.

There is lots of user mail (although most of it is about Epic reincarnation) and the usual mix of DDO news and views, and of course plenty of random-yet-vaguely-DDO-related banter.

Good times! But long times, we use up the whole 90 minutes easily and may have run slightly over.

Go get it, there are far worse ways to waste an hour and a half.

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  1. 80 pages worth of angry Forumite rhetoric regarding Turbine’s initial plans and I think between fingers and toes I have over half a dozen more digits than the Turbine staff has posts in the thread. Out of respect for Geoff, I won’t go into the rant I have pent up regarding that situation, I’ll just once again suggest that the devs and producers google everything regarding Star Wars Galaxies and the New Game Enhancement/NGE. I last mentioned it in relation to the Alpha pass of the Enhancement update. It goes double for this.

    And Jerry, I know you follow this blog… I was there when SWG died. I was also there when City of Heroes died. I know nothing lasts forever and DDO will shut down someday, but let it be because you guys came up with an awesome DnD themed replacement game, not because a boneheaded mistake made it die a slow, lingering death or WB gets fed up and just shuts you down. CoH was turning a healthy profit when it was murdered, almost certainly more than DDO is bringing in right now, and NCSuck executed it Gangland-style. Don’t think WB won’t do the same thing to Turbine.

    I know you and Amanda actually PLAY and LOVE our game. I also realize you don’t get to make every decision. I just had to say my piece to have my peace.

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