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Saving Mr. Tibbles
Saving Mr. Tibbles

One may note that a livecast D&D adventure featuring the D&D Next playtest rule set is not terribly DDO-related. Nonetheless, there we were, Sig & Anne from DDOCast plus Cordovan & Tolero from Turbine, and myself from … nowhere particularly noteworthy, yet brought along nonetheless, playing a variety of adventurers early Saturday. Sig was gracious enough to serve as Dungeon Master, guiding us through an introductory-level adventure of his own devising.

Mostly wizards, our band bravely faced the usual assortment of peril, doom, and certain death while accomplishing our mission: rescuing Mr. Tibbles the cat who had been cat-napped from a wealthy dowager keen on revenge.

While not exactly saving the world, our mission was slightly more dour than the simple explanation above. It would not be enough to simply extricate the cat (extricat?) from her Quickfoot kidnappers. No, we were being hired to punish the miscreants as well, for having made the mistake of seeing our new employer as an easy mark.

And so, much fun and frivolity ensued, as Sig proves himself both a creative DM as well as a master of several entertaining accents.

Not terribly DDO-related yet somewhat relevant, all of the participants are DDO players or devs and the adventure took place in Stormreach.

But don’t take my word for it. You can hear/see for yourself, the entire session was captured as a bonus DDOCast.

Check out the live gaming session, it really was a good time!

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. For those who may be curious about D&D Next, I’m enclosing the character I created using the latest version of the play test rules. This character is strictly compliant, with one exception, as he ended up with a spear and shield proficiency that would normally not be appropriate for a wizard. His background explains the oddity, and of course, one can do anything with approval from the DM 🙂

Argath Bladesharp Level 1 Wizard Neutral Good
Shaped by years of war, Argath grew bitter over the loss of his men for no tactical gain. Coupled with his advancing age and the diminishing effects it had on his fighting skills, Argath grew weary and broken. He deserted. Running as far away from the army and army life as possible, he fell in with a group of self-taught illusionists and thaumaturges and learned that his raw intelligence gave him a talent for the arcane.
While considerably older than normal for an apprentice caster, he nonetheless took up his new studies with vigor and made himself into a competent illusionist.
Ostracized from his home, and having learned all he can from his illusionist companions, Argath finds himself needing to learn how to earn his way all over again. All he wants is a chance to find peace, find the right girl, settle down and maybe start a family. But he knows only war and wizardry. Needing a stake to support his dream, he sets out to find his fortune, adventuring again. But never – never again – will he allow himself to be a leader of men.
 Human Bonus Wiz Bonus
DEX 10  11
CHA 11  12
CON 12  13 14
INT 15  16
STR 13  14
WIS 10  11
Hit Points 10 (5)
Armor class 10
Initiative 0
Attack 2
Magic attack 3
Spell DC 14
Size: Medium
Speed: 30
Languages: Common, Kobold +2
Spellcasting bonus 1
Weapon Proficiency Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaff, Lt Xbow, (Spear), (Shield)
Arcane Recovery Regain one 1st level spell per day
Tradion of Wizardry: Illusionist +2 DC casting illusions. Advantage detecting Illusions. Detect Invis w/i 30′
Wizardly Knowledge Advantage on Magical Lore INT checks
Spells per day
Cantrips (1 Illusion 2 others) Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Light
1st level (2) Shield, Color Spray
Spellbook Shield, Color Spray, Disguise Self
Background: Deserter (Soldier)
Rank achieved Sergeant
May be wanted for desertion.
Skills: Climb, Ride, Military Lore, Spear proficiency, Shield proficiency
Specialty: Hedge Mage
Feat: Herbalism
Gold 2426
Silver 8
adventurer’s kit
Potion of healing
1.5 flying kobold mushrooms
Steel wolf trap

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  1. I had a lot of fun doing this! And you sell yourself short: You’re one of DDO’s premier bloggers! 🙂

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